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Gerard tweeted that it starts at 7am.

We have to do something about this!
Hey guys!!!!!!

well ...ive been really good and i wanted to know how all of my fellow killjoys are? im really excited to meet new people on here so message me !!

Cemetery Drive is Back!
Kerrang magazine?

So i ordered mine online (i live in the us)and i still haven't gotten its been more than 12 days ....has anyone gotten theirs yet (who ordered it online and live in the us)

Concert Experiences

So lately i've been reading a lot of blogs saying what a great time people are having a concerts...i know that for my first concert i didn't have the best time ........what bad experiences have you guys had at concerts ?????

Im scared :(

My upper lip has gotten swollen and two of my upper teeth have been hurting a lot ..i went to the dentist yesterday and he said i have a cyst and that they're going to have to operate it freaking out i don't know what to expect and afterwards he said in about a month im going to have to get two root canals :( has anyonee gone through this?

YAY!!!!!!SD tickets almost going on sale

Finally the sandiego tickets are gonna go on sale .......july 19th at 10am