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At School

Ok so I'm at school. I hate school so much. When I thought school couldn't get worse it did. First my english teacher totally bashed on my religion and on my race. Then during P.E someone decided to write on my MCR shirt with sharpie and now it's ruined. Now I'm in study hall where only people talk to me when they need help with the homework that they didn't do. To make it worse all the teachers are so nosy. The study hall teacher wants me to take my sweatshirt off witch is not going to happen since it's fucking cold and I just don't want to. People can just please leave me alone.

A Little Song I have stuck in my head.

You'll keep it on the inside
'Cause that's the safest place
'Cause that's the safest place to hide

All of your friends are gone
And you were barely holding on
We were wrong and they fooled us once again
We are the loneliest of men, we're the loneliest

And all your friends are gone
Nobody hears you
And all your friends were wrong
Nobody cares
And all your friends are gone
Nobody is here with you
And all your friends were wrong
Nobody cares

Your Friends Are Gone by Circa Survie

Life sucks sometimes

I have has a horrible day. Went to sleep late last night. Woke up with a horrible ear ache. At school the teachers decided to pick on me and I also got sent to the principles office because I yelled at someone to shut up. I had a math test witch I knew nothing on. Everyone kept saying that I'm so weird and I am a total freak. I seriously hate everyone at my school. I get home and my mom kept yelling at me saying that I am such an embarrassment and she dose not want me to be around her. My dad never says anything when she yells at me.


I found this and I thought it was good and true. Well for me it is.

Gerard quotes

Some Gerard quotes that make me want to keep trying in life instead of giving up like I want to.

At this point.

At this point I am left wondering from the people that I know how many of them really care about me. Not the fake caring but the real caring. Why is it that I have no real friends only "friends" who talk to me when they need something. Well I don't care anymore. I'm better off not even talking to no one like I have. It's better off that way.


Ok my life has been kinda stressful. I know people have more stress than I do but yeah. Stressful because of school and what not the four day weekend was not enough time to catch up on homework. To make things better I have a 300 point history project due on tuseday witch was a partner project. Of course me and my friend picked each other but some friend she is. She didn't help at all. She didn't do any research and she didn't help with the 3D model we had to do. She said she was going to help but I guess she was to busy having a good time getting drunk and hanging out with her bf.


Well lately at my house everything seems to get broken at my house. I think it's really strange. First the fridge broke, then the microwave, then the stove. After we bought new appliances the cars seem to have problems. First my dads work car, then the van, then my car needs a new engine. My dad is the only one with a job.Don't get me wrong but my dad gets barely enough to pay the bills and all. Me and my mom can't find a job in this crappy little town so no way to help with the cost of things. I also have been really stressed and annoyed lately.

Oh Youtube.

I am so sick and tiered of people on youtube posting really rude and disrespectful comments on MCR videos.When I go on youtube I LOVE to watch their music videos so I refuse to read the rude comments. You can't post a comment saying how much you love the band or how MCR has changed your life for the better because someone will reply with a rude and disrespectful comment. Sorry I needed to rant about youtube.

It has been about 7yrs.

About 7yrs ago I'm Not Okay came on MTV. I was 10 and I instantly fell in love with MCR. Now I hear and see they guys I think of how much they changed my life. I also remember 7yrs ago is when everyone I knew started to make my life more of a living hell. My Chemical Saved my life ever since.