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Am I still afraid?

So I singed up for the schools blood drive. I hate needles but I still wonder if I am afraid of needles. Well I guess I'll find out next tuseday. I am kinda nervous. Well I am still in school. I wan this day to end. I wan to go home and listen to music. Ugh school and the people in school. Well I should be looking up information for my stupid cowboy project in history. -_-. Lol friends are sitting around me making jokes. We are being loud and annoying but it's really fun. This time of the day is always fun.

A quick blog.

Ok I need to do a big project for a class. The class is computer concepts in wich we are learning how to use dreamweaver and for our final project we have to make a website on dreamweaver of what ever we want. I'm think an MCR fan website or what ever. What do you all think? Any ideas? What should I put on the website? Please help!!

How was your day?

My day, well it all started when my alarm didn't went off. I got late to school and my whole first hour starred me down when I walked in class ten minutes late. After I got to my seat in first hour, my teacher decided that she will bash on Mexicans and Catholics and especially the Mexican Catholics. So i was just sitting their feeling awkward and me and my friend just looking at each other with the WTF look. Then in my second hour I get called down to the office because apparently they have a problem with a shirt that says Aim For The Face.

Another Christmas song!

I also love this Christmas song!

In a Christmas mood

I was in such a Christmas mood today!! First I watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. Then I started to listen to Christmas music. Despite the horrible day I had, MCR and all my favorite bands made me happy :)

Oh life.

Oh life why are you so horrible and cruel. I hate life so much. Today was just plain horrible. First when we were putting the x-mas tree up my mom kept yelling at me to do it better like if it was my job. Then later she decides to yell at me and call me fat a** and because I am so fat and ugly that I was going to die alone and she wouldn't feel bad just because I started to make a fucking sandwich that I didn't eat anymore because I lost my appetite for the whole day. Later on when I said that I was going to walmart to buy some makeup she then said that makeup won't fix how ugly and fat I am. When I get back she started to yell at me again (what a shocker) and told me that I am such an embarrassment to her and the whole family and that she dose not want me near her in public. She also said that if I ever where to disappear and that no one would notice and no one would care. Well mom your wish is my command because I also don't want to be around you ever again! Also I am sick and tiered of trying to be perfect daughter that you always wanted, hope you have better luck with my little sister. I also feel that no one would notice and no one would care if anything happened to me. Late on my "friend" texted ranting about how she couldn't go to a party and when I tried to tell her what had happened to me with my mom she said that she had more important things to do that listen to me rant. So their I ranted in here because on here I feel that people do care about me even if they don't know me. Well I'm so sorry that all I ever do is rant on here I'll try not to rant as much because I bet it gets really annoying. I feel alone in this whole wide world, like a spec in the galaxy that no one car

In a long time...

I seriously have not had such a good time in a long time. I had so much fun at the basketball game! I was being and weird with my friend and then a really cute/amazing guy joined us and all four of us were being random. I was so much fun. Then after awhile we started to explore my school (creepy by the way) we found a secret exit and found bathrooms that we didn't we had. It was so much fun. Sadly I think I might never see the guy again. God we liked the same bands and stuff!! Well i had fun today! I am happy for that!

A blog from school.

Well the title says it all. I'm at school and just got back from lunch.After lunch I got a bloody nose. I hate hoe people in my school can't mind their own business! I also hate it when you say you like something like a band they start saying they such. Please just be quite or don't ask at all what are my favorite bands or shows. Also I'm thinkiing of goint to the first basketball game of the year but IDK if I should go. I kinda of want to but then I don't.

I'm bored.

I'm so bored. What are some of your guys favorite things? By that I mean music, books, ect... Well I'm trying to do my current event for history and I can't find anything good. Today wasn't as horrible like other days. I actually had fun. I also discovered my real friends are. Thiers only two real friends. One moves away after 7th grade but shes thinking of moving back!! The other one isn't embarrassed of me and she has been trying to listen to my favorite music. I feel good knowing I have atleast two real friends! Also I'm still bored so will someone messaghe me or something.

I just realized........

I just realized that my "friends" are embarrassed of me. Yup that's a shock. I seem to embarrass everyone around me. Well I don't even care anymore. I'm just happy with my music and I don't care about people I think that's better off that way. So I'm sitting in my room with my labtop listening to my favorite bands. I feel better