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Love it.

I love how no one that I consider a friend cares about me. Actually they have been ignoring me like crazy. I also love it when people make fun of me it's not like the things they make of aren't true.

Oh Well.

I don't fit in. At all. When I'm with my mexicans friends I feel too white. When I'm with my american friends I feel too mexican. Then I don't talk at all. I just stay their and ignore everyone. It is always awkward. No one that I know like the same stuff as me. It makes me sad and Idk why. School is horrible ans so are people at school. I feel so out of place. I feel so depressed I need to get out of this town away from all these horrible people. Sadly their isn't much a 17yr old can do about it. I mean about leaving town. I don't like people much and people don't like me either.


I couldn't handle my mom criticize me and I told her how I felt when she yelled at and when she made me feel like crap. She said that she will try t stop witch made me happy. I showed my mom and dad the letter from other day. They took the letter and read it (they know how t read and speak english). After they read it they took the letter and burned it. It made me feel better. I am still kinda freaked out abut going going to school tomorrow. Yet I am quiet excited to g back. Weird I know. Fresh start when it comes to school that's why I'm excited.


Why are people so horrible? I don't find it very necessary sending me stupid letter to my house. So earlier today when the mail got here, I got a letter, the letter didn't say who it was from. After I read it and after I saw the pictures that it came with I started cry. I started to cry so much because they said the most horrible things ever. I can't believe people are so heartless that they would do such a horrible thing. I'm very afraid to go back to school. I think if when I go back to school I'm going to have a major breakdown when I come home. I'm so afraid.

A band!

Well theirs this one band called Circa Survive. They are one of my favorite bands. It's kinda sad more people don't know about them. Sometimes I feel like the only 17yr old who listens to them.

Love this song!!

The title says it all. I can relate to some of the lyrics.
Have a Nice Day.

Here comes a rant!

Yesterday a "friend" said of we wanted hang out and like stupid me I said yes. Well when I was ready and what not last freakin minute she says she can't leave her house. I believed her. I was really bored so I decided I would go to walmart and take mt little sister with me. As we are walking though walmart my sister said that she saw my "friend". It was my "friend' and I over heard her saying that she doesn't like me and she only talks when A) she needs something and B) because she feels bad for me.


Ok so I made a Tumblr and I need help! I have no idea how to even use it. Can someone please help me?


Well happy new year I guess. I don't know what is so happy about it because I know 2013 will be as miserable as any other year. I really don't care much about new years. Hope 2013 won't be as horrible as the past years.


I don't know who else likes Green Day but I am so excited that on March 29 I get to go to a Green Day concert! Sorry if anyone doesn't like them and they get annoyed when I talk about MCR and Green Day! Anyway what better way to start the new year knowing that your going to see one of your favorite bands ever live! Woo! Is anyone else going to see Green Day live?
Anyway Happy New Year! Have a nice day!