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bulletproof heart video


fun fun fun

dont know if its that much fun, but oh well I dont have anything better to do :D

Level 1:
() Smoked A Cigarette
() Smoked A Cigar
() Kissed a member of the same sex
(x) Drank Alcohol


Level 2:
(x) Are / Been In Love
(x) Been Dumped
() Shoplifted
() Been Fired
() Been In A Fist Fight


Level 3:
(x) Had A Crush On An Older Person
() Skipped School
() Slept With A Co-worker
() Seen Someone / Something Die


Level 4:
() Had / Have A Crush On One Of Your Facebook Friends
() Been To Paris
(x) Been To England
(x) Been On A Plane
() Thrown Up From Drinking


Level 5:

yes I did steal this.part I&II

okaay this is weird. these 125 questions consist of two parts because I wasnt able to finish it yesterday, but didnt want to delete all my answers on the questions I did answer (would be a shame right ;O) so I put it up anyway! quite stupid and lame but oh well, try and zap yourself back in time, if you would read this x] tbh, I wouldnt read it myself but yeaaah.

PART I [yesterday may 25th about 9 30 pm]

1) You ready for 125 questions?
I dont know, I should be doing mah homework :// but okay, Im fukken ready.
2) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
not really a relationship, but yes it


somewhere in october my class and another class will have an exchange programme with an english school. two years ago we did the same and went to colchester, to a private girls school. and now were going to appleby to a mixed school. I dont know what I think about that exactly.
we need to fill in a form to match pen pals, with which youre going to exchange emails etc. with and have as a host family for about a week.
I dont know what to write down!

acid embrace!

see the webshop! its awesome! ;D it has all kinds of tee's and bags etc. secretly mcr-related. Ive known that site for some time now, and always thought the things up there looked quite familiar (the I'm Not Okay tshirt, and a tee filled with NaNaNa's) but now I just know for sure.
they got tee's with (i'm just naming them all cause theyre all great) SASSY, get the checkbook!, look alive sunshine, famous last words, get up and go!, keep running, or am i just..., stay beautiful and keep it ugly, nanana, the fabulous killjoys, im not okay, think happy thoughts, hate your guts,

add me? ;D

^ haha lol I surellyyyy dont want to sound desperate, but I just love to read all you guys blogs and see what other killjoys are up to and what their strategy plan is on defeating those nasty draculoids. AND OBLITERATING BL/IND .
*if that is used correctly. nah I just wanted to sound smart*

right... ahem.

soooo... today was sunny and for once I wasnt that tired (suprising cause I couldnt fall asleep last night and also woke up at 4 am and went to sleep again but oh well). happy happy. all day long I was whistling and singing and humming the 'slightly' frerard-ish Vampire and his Pint-sized Romeo <3 quite out of place for the words arent that appropriate and I was singing that song everywhere around my house, like it was the most normal song that exists.
hahah so we always have babysitting children on mondays and yhursdays, and I was sitting with the cutest girl in the world outside, on a

does anyone recognize this?

hmm I was listening to Vampire Money some time ago, when I came up with a phrase/quote I read of Frank saying something like, that when they were making the censored version of VM, they came up with '3,2,1 we came to suck' and then that it actually sounded waaaaay dirtier.
anyone know where this is from? an interview or something? hahah that has just been spinning my mind for the past couple of days and I have no clue how and where I got it from O.O


aaah I cant believe its finally here! Ive been counting down the days for a looong time until this day, then this afternoon I looked to check if it was there, full of excitement.. it wasnt there. people said things like that it was delayed and to be released the 28st, so I decided to keep on counting then. but now I checked again and I freakeddddd <3 ITS HERE me immediately telling everybody to look, and then I made myself comfortable to sit and watch 4 full minutes of eyegasmic stuff and colours <33
I love it, its definately something else then SING or Na Na Na, but I kinda expected it to

And people wonder why I call these men my heroes.