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come back!!

hello killjoyz
xyphine reporting at 3am xD
can't sleep :/
just wanted to ask
doez anyone know when the Party Poison jacketz will be re-stocked?
sweet dreamz to all *w*


i'm writing a new story involving My Chemical Romance <3
it popped up in my head while i waz watching Life On The Murder Scene :D
my goal so far iz to have Gerard and My Chemical Romance read them
i don't care what i takez.
but it involvez time travel and concertz
soo yeupp >:]
by the way, i'm about to order the Venganza! vest!!!!! <3
sweeeettttttttttt :'D
hope you all have a bombastic day
your faubouls killjoy, Xyphine

p.s. Party Poison jacketz
come back!!!!!


Hello fellow killyjoys :3
well, i just joined but i've been a My Chemical Romance obsessor for years..
We are the MCRmy. This is for those who cried for The Ghost Of You. For those who felt empowered during Famous Last Words. For those who could relate to I'm Not Okay. For those who want to start a riot because of Teenagers. For those who are Demolition Luvers. For those who Killed All Their Friends.
This is for those who got Welcomed To The Black Parade.
anywho, i finished writing a story Danger Days, hoping to get it posted one day and/or have My Chemical Romance themselves read it<3