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Guess what happened at school today.
Go ahead,
Just kidding i love you all.
Except for you liars..don't read my blog >:l
Mkay, ANYWHO, today at around 7:10 i was walking to the entrance of my school.
My sister Twacey on my side, a friend Stephanie, on the other.
To our suprise, the main gate meaning you are now in hell,
Was closed.
Forcing me and a whole crowd of teenagers to go around the gate like 20 feet awat but not so main.
Poor thing, all..downgraded and whatnot.
Anywho, it turns out we were to go through this crowd, seperated by 3

And the Acid Rain showers and pours..

My eldest sister, the one i confide to the most, told my mom i'm not a virgin.
The guy had it easy, 'cause he moved to a different state,
Can't remember which, just know ut begins with an A.
That was last year, before my rebirth.
I learned and did hate myself for a while.
And fortunately, discovered to truly appreciate myself.
I still thought i was beautiful..
I learned to love myself,
And that in bad situations, to mope will bring you heartache.
You can cry, but should learn.
What is my lesson now?
Not eure..
I'll find out soon enough.
But first, i have to cry the shame away..
Is that

Stop The Hate

Make Love Not War
Stay Dirty And Stay Dangerous
I never wanna be cool<3

Incoming Xyphine,

My bestfriend Rebecca drew me this, i did the coloring :D
I have a fanfiction in my head ^×^
But i need Coka Cola
I have hot choco
But, ya know..
anywho, tell me what's on your mind<3
Xyphine R. Villain

Last Blog Of The Year NOT About New Years Eve

^ Still wish you guys Happy New Years,
Anywho i'm losing self consciousness and i was wondering if say i were to post my stories (mcr fanfiction) would y'all tumbleweeds read my sort, feedback? Jus wondering for those interested or..something.
Be back on soon.

Not A Review

Finishing sentences to a movie i've never seen before, Undetstanding every single revelation as it progresses by dialogue. My new favorite movie: Watchmen

Been Sometime..

..Since i cried to a song in brutal heart/gut torment.
I shouldn't be doing this to myself.
But i guess it airs out the soul somewhat of the ugly that doesn't deserve to be there.
So i will listen to this song with people in mind and cry freely and fearlessly.

Knucke is still bruised green.

Call Me What You Will..

For christmas i ended up helping myself to a nice good self-abusing.
That's not good.
In other words, i've punched the wall.
A couple times.
Over and over again..
Pretty stupid i know but that's how my mind explodes.
Anywho, my pinky knuckle, to my suprise, was swollen!
Like actually swelling! And it hurt!!
It was/is really delicate i guess.
I put some frozen queso fresco on it but that didn't quite "do the trick".
I put some..uhm,,fucken..
i forget the appropriate name but "wrap" let's say around it,
just to protect it from the elements.
Stupid breakdown.


damn i forgot D:
ima sit here till i remember >:l
yea i completely forgot
i'll get back to it sometime. watch me remember AS SOON as i click le Post.
2nd part---->
how's everyone doing? ^-^
any cool adventure or weird fantasy/conversations someone wanna ramble 'bout?
I'm out of speech :P
Signing out-
Xyphine R.<3


me being a dumbass
i picked up the hot part of my straightner
thinking it waz the handle hurt.
but i bandaged my fingerz!
haha anywho i geuss im a lil handicapped right now
so i cant re write my DngerDayz based story in my journal
which will be the final halt to my contanst editing, re editing, and final thoughtz on it
which givez me more time to think about an extra thingamjig my buddy suggested
now itz time to argue with myself :P
Xyphine Out.