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30 Day MCR Challenge

Day 1 Favorite album

Gee, that's tough. I don't have a favorite album, i love them all so much. And every time i listen to them, it's over and over and over..
Every single, one means so much, it's intense. I can't pick favs.
But i've been listening to I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love alot.
Daily, before i sleep, and when i'm writing.
It's this album.
It's always in the background of my head.
It's a beautiful album, when they were all so young and silly.
Innocence, their first mark of releasing beauty into the world.
And it was killer<3

Challenge Accepted Face

Well, i've kinda been wanting to do this for some time and finally found the list.
I don't get it, do i start today?:o
I guess i'll start 2morro ^-^

30 day MCR challenge
Day 1 Favorite album
Day 2 Favorite song without a video
Day 3 Favorite song from Bullets
Day 4 Favorite song from Revenge
Day 5 Favorite song from Parade
Day 6 Favorite Frerard moment
Day 7 Favorite lyrics
Day 8 A song that makes you happy
Day 9 Favorite live performance
Day 10 Favorite Ray’s solo
Day 11 Favorite Bob/Frank moment
Day 12 Favorite Gerard/Mikey moment
Day 13 Favorite picture of them
Day 14 Favorite

Status Update.

can hardly contain myself Luce<3

Classified Information
File: Xyphine R. Villain

Height: 5'5
Age: A lady never says.
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Light brown, black rimmed with black eyeliner and spider leg like eyelashes shimmering with orange eyeshadow
Preferred defense technique: Knifes/Sword, Colt- 45, Machine Gun, Guerilla type
Family: Caustic Sunshine, Toxic Devastation, Toxic Warhead, Ammo Wish,
Status: Writing Stories and Artist
Mission Brief: Getting this transmission to Caustic Sunshine

I Feel Sick<3

Hello killjosy and ghosts,
i'm sure you're all looking good,
D'ya miss me?
'cause i missed y'all.
Your stories are beautiful<3
But being sick and puking my guts out drained me out.
and a brutal sorethroat and cough that felt like a raygun to the throat.
But before i get into further detail to make you gag,
ima try and watch Watchmen, while maintining warmth, and finish my french project i've been lagging hardcore on.
I'll be posting up stuff later, and hunting Luce.
But for now i'm just making my presence know,
and myself aware.
Love ya kids.<3<3<3

X Marks The Shot; The End.

Note; Pumpkin Spice and Caffine.
Happy Valentines Day to those happily acknowledging it without forced hate or apethy.
Roses and Kisses To You All.
Are You Ready To Continue?

..None of them wanted to leave.
When Xyphine first got wheeled in this room, Gerard came in and stocked the room with sharpies, notebooks, canvas paper, paint, and colored pencils. He knew they'd be spending some time there, and he didn't want anyone to get bored. When Xyphine awoke and everyone calmed down (sorta)
they just started doodling and writing,
Decorating the room with the colorful papers scattered all over the

X Marks The Shot; Part 7 Indeed

Melting Pink Wax And Red Paint For All Of You<3

"Easy" She heard a voice next to her sayas gentle hands pressed against her back and chest and softly layed her back down.
Xyphine rested her head on the pillow and looked up at Franks smiling face, his warm green eyes.
"Frank.." she said softly, twisting her smile
He nodded, his fingers intertwined with hers. Xyphine looked around the room.
"Where is everyone?" She said.
"The doctor said that you'd be waking up soon, so Gerard, Mikey, and Ray went to get some real food." Frank said, turning to the empty platter by her bed.
"Cool." She said,

X Marks The Shot; Part..6!?!

Vannilla and Pumpkins everyone.<3

Frank looked up to see Gerard sprinting toward him and Xyphine. Mikey and Ray followed at his heels.
Gerard fell to his knees by her side, tears streaming down his face. He looked up at Frank,
"WHAT HAPPENED?!?!" he shouted, holding Xyphine's other hand.
"I'm still not sure.." Frank whispered as he watched Mikey tore off a piece of his shirt and press it over each wound.
They all leaned over Xyphine; Frank and Gerard holding her hands, Mikey pressing down on her wounds, and Ray brushing her hair from her face.
Xyphine slightly twisted her hand

X Marks The Shot; Part..5!

A bedtime story for all you tumbleweeds.<3

Another deafening loud noise broke the terrible the silence between.
"NOOO!!!" Frank shrieked as another bullet shot through Xyphine, this time on the shoulder, causing her to fling backwards and fall to the floor.
Adrenaline forced Frank up in a millisecond as he sprung up from the ground and sprinted to the girl. She was laughing hysterically as she looked to him, opening her arms ready to embrace him.
Frank dove to the girl, teeth exposed. He reached out at her and tore the gun from her hand.

I'm Having A Bit Too Much Fun With These.

I'm doing this so i can make Luce do it when she should but won't be sleeping :D

1. Do you sleep in your bra? Only if i'm not gonna wear a tank.
2. Do you like noodles? Okay :o
3. Do you enjoy drama? When it's fun, not stupid. Like, Doctor Who, when THE DOCTOR KISSED ROSE!! >:,O That was intense (Am i righ?) Not this high school shit that tries so hard to get the better of me.
4. Are you a girly girl? ARE YOU!?
5. Small or large purses? Small, tae put my sharpies in :D
7. Are you short? Nope
8. Do you like somebody? Yes.
9. Do you care if your socks are dirty?

X Marks The Shot; Part 4.

Let's go lazybones >:D

..Frank's body pratically shut down, though his mind was racing. He wasn't crying or screaming or begging, he wouldn't give her the pleasure.
Clenching and unclenching his fists, he exhaled slowly and figured the best thing to do right now is distract her.
"You don't want to shoot me.." he saud ub a calm, controlling tone.
The girl looked away from Frank, shaking as she lowered the gun, second by second,
centimete by centimeter.
"Ooow.." she groaned, resting her free hand over her forehead.
Frank stood completely still, thinking frame-by-frame.