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fucking sad day

I feel like someone punched me in the heart.
This band was such a huge part of my life and their music was something i looked forward to everyday. I could not believe it and i could not help the tears after seeing their post. Very sad. They brought me so much light in my life and because of thm I met so many amazing people. My mcr buddies will forever be my mcr buddies and no matter what their music will always live on in my life. Meeting the guys was such a blessing and I am just so happy that they were a huge part of my life.

Makeup Contest

Hi guys! I haven't been on here in a good long while. I guess I have been pretty busy with school and three jobs but I wanted to come on here and share my happiness :) I'm sure I have blogged before about how i'm an aspiring makeup artist and It has been quite sometime since my last blog about anything makeup wise. A lot has changed, I have been blessed with great opportunities and working my way up credential wise.
I am really excited about some upcoming work. :) Thank you to some lovely people who are passing out my cards. you guys rock.

new makeup blog!

so guys what did you think?
is a video more effective than just a written blog?
if you havent already checked it out please do xD

new makeup blog!

a new blog post. check it out please xD

new makeup blog!

a new blog post. check it out please xD

Check out my Makeup Blog and Page xD Lots of pics in there of shoots i've taken part in and makeup updates.
My blog I will have a new post up sometime this week so heads up xD

Check out my Makeup Blog xD
Started a blog hope you guys enjoy!

help!!!!!! msi presale

Does anyone have the goldenvoice presale code i never got mine and i'm super ticked about it. Please tell me it!

Fellow Killjoys!

ColorSparkx here ubber siked for the shows on friday and sat in hollywood. I'm always up to meeting and making new MCRBuddies.l Let me know whos going. Should be amazing. So excited xD

i feel good and yet foolish

imma see mcr may 27 and 28 at the same place
have i outdone myself?
and whose going i love new mcr bddies
plus i may be alone in may haha