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All good things end

We are all broken and in denial. I am not sure that this is really happening I can not explain how much this hurts but I can say I will always be grateful for all of their amazing work and their dedication to us their fan al this time. I know I will never love a band so dearly like I do them because they helped me in the darkest parts of my life. I wish it would come to and end but they many of us so emotionally strong that they know we can make through it because they've given us the necessary weapons to move along.

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MCR concert 5.28,11 ♥

i just got my my ticket and i feel im about to die with excitement i have been waiting for this like years and it so close i feel im gonna pass out i just don't know what im going to do when the band is there infront of me i feel like my heart will stop beating and i will die a couple seconds :) can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!