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Panic Attack Advice, Please?

I had a huge panic attack about 5 days ago. I was so sure I was going to die like I had to breathe into a brown paper bag and shit. I've had anxiety before, but never an attack that scary. If anyone has any advice as to why this happens, how to get rid of it, how to calm yourself down, please leave it in the comments :) Thank you! <3

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Becoming a Youtuber :)

Heyyyyy killjoys I know I haven't been on in awhile and i'm sorry Dx My new year resolution is to become a youtuber, I have a few videos up, and I would really appreciate it if you took the time to watch :) thanks! <3

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IMMA MAKE A PIZZA OUTTA MAH SWEATTTTT ~andy biersack during a bryanstars interview XD

Gerard Way:
[] Born in April
[x (cutting?)] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[] Born a leader
[x] You love drawing
[x] You love singing
[x] You don't take crap from anyone
[] You're afraid of needles
[]You call your friends by their last names instead of their first names
[x] You have siblings and love them
[x (multiple colors plus those)] You have brown/green eyes
Total: 6

Mikey Way:
[] Born in September
[] You play bass
[] You don't have asthma
[x] You are near-sighted
[x] You wear glasses
[] You've had the urge to stick a fork in the toaster
[] Seen as the little amongst your family and friend
[] You are the youngest sibling
[] Skinniest in your group of friends
[] You stuck a heater in the shower
Total: 2

Ray Toro:
[] Born in July
[x] You play guitar
[x] You have a scar on your head
[] You can't swim
[] You've got a fro
[] You're 6'1''
[] You're shy
[x] You wear contact lenses
[] You're called the mastermind or the quiet genius

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is it weird for a 15 year old to like a 12 year old? x'D

mmk so im 15, my crush is 12. awkward as fuck. but hes so cute and he drives me insane xD i think i should wait until he's able to drive though.. oh God xD

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i did something i shouldn't have... i've done it before, it's just never made me feel this good... i've never taken it this far... it's like my little secret....hahaha... nothing's stopping me now... i think im going insane... what have i done... everything.....

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thanksgiving. yup.

so yeah... happy thanksgiving i guess.... *smile*

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1) Height?
just under 5'3

2) Virgin?

3) Shoe size?
7 or 7 and a half

4) Sexual orientation?
straight... i think... maybe slightly bicurious...

5) Do you smoke?
hell no ill ruin my vocal cords o.o

6) Do you drink?
if i could get away with it i would

7) Do you take drugs?

8) Age you get mistaken for?
16 and 17... mostly 15 though, and i will be on the first of this month.

9) Have tattoos?
ha, i wish.

10) Want tattoos?
yeah... they need to have meaning behind them though...

11) Have piercings?
um... ears...

12) Want piercings?
yes ive been wanting snake bites for 3 years but my parents are just so damn strict.

13) Best friend?
her name is kiara.

14) Relationship status?
its... complicated... single i guess

15) Biggest turn ons?
neck kisses. and boys into rock.

16) Biggest turn offs?

17) Favorite movie?
scott pilgrim vs. the world.... IM IN LESBIANS WITH YOU ;)

18) I will love you if...

i met this amazing guy last friday. he's 17, im going to be 15 in less then a month. i really like him, and he likes me, he's not like other 17 year olds... he had his first kiss this past may. i want to make him mine and everyone says i should go for it, that is, except my parents. they think i should wait and get to know him better and that he's a bit old.. i like him so much but i feel like they crushed my happiness in knowing him... because deep inside, i know it's not going to work out. when he turns 18 this may he'll be iligal for me to date... it's like im going through a heartbreak over something that never even existed. so yeah, sorry for wasting your time. I'll love this army whether they comment on this or not. laters <3

~Atrophy xoxo

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i love you mikey you're the best bass player EVER!!
youre always the mysterious one, but when you do talk youre hilarious xD i wuv you.


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GERARD SAID THE NEW ALBUM WAS GONNA BE DARK AND THE NEW LAYOUT IS DARK. BA-BAM. IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH FUCKING SENSE. *evil genius.... not really* XD if anyone knows when its gonna be out PWEASE be mah sunshine vampire and tell me! thx :'D