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The World is Ugly

I cannot WAIT until the world is ugly is released with the rest of Conventional Weapons!
Does anyone know if MCR is planning on going on tour any time soon?

well.. it's been a while my friends...

oh it's been such a long time since i've logged on :)
I'd like to adress a few things

My Killjoy Name
Killjoy Story
New Fan!!
WHEEEEN is the new Umbrella Academy coming outtt??

AH! well seeing as i havent logged on since november, you all missed the epic deciding of my KILLJOY NAME!! I decided on *drumroll*


So in deciding my killjoy name, i began writing my story, which i used as my vocabulary story in english and I can't wait to hear my teacher's response :)

Well, MCR gained a new fan this year, one of my best friends has joined the army.. courtesy of meee! yay <3


New Album... <3

So, I'm sure a lot of MCR fans have a lot to say about the new ablum. A lot of these opinions, I've noticed, are either extremely good or extremely bad. This is mostly because this album is so different from what MCR has chosen to do in the past. Well I have a lot to say, if you all don't mind listening to it...
I think that MCR hasn't changed at all.

From the beginning I felt like they've had this uniqueness.. That every one of them, individually, feels seperated from everyone else for some reason. It's what makes them so special.


so I always play my MCR really loud :) and whenever my brother's friends are over, they either tell me to turn it up or turn it off. Well a while ago, one of his friends came into my room and asked me to make him a CD. I thought nothing of it and immediately burned The Black Parade.
***I just saw him recently wearing a My Chem T- shirt. :) SUCCESS!!

Soooo.... About Me?

So i became an MCR fan like... 4 years ago :)
I love to draw, write, read comic books and listen to music.
I like walking in the rain, and listening to thunderstorms.
I play world of warcraft :)
i do really crazy things... all the time.
I like talking to strangers.
I have major depression and anxiety.
I am a redhead, with multicolored eyes :)
My dad is dead