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[stolen] my life soundtrack

Waking Up:
The End- MCR

First Day At School:
House of Wolves- MCR

Falling In Love:
Don't Wanna Fall in Love - Green Day

Fight Song:
You're Going Down - Sick Puppies

Breaking Up:
Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin

Good Riddance -Green Day

Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

Mental Breakdown:
Basket Case - Green Day

Ready Set Go! - Tokio Hotel

Scars - Papa Roach

Getting Back Togethor:
Poprocks & Coke - Green Day

Your Gaurdian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Birth Of A Child:
Sweet Children- Green Day

Final Battle:
Jars - Chevelle

Death Scene:
Haha You're Dead -


ok so in study hall today i was talking to the guy i like ALOT [he's two years older btw] so i was trying to act cool u know? we always talk about guitar and music and stuff...well when the teacher came in to take role i turned around to walk back to my seat (we have study hall in an auditorium) and my foot slid and i fell down like two stairs..right in front of him!! ..he didnt laugh at me which i guess was good..everyone else did though :( ...he asked me if i was thats good i guess....i felt better tho after my "best friend" (not the better part) started hitting me with her notebook repeatedly in the head and telling me that i was boring. he tried to get the notebook off of her, and after succeeding, he went to sit back down, missed his chair and fell on the ground. i was the only one who didnt laugh this time but he gave me the cutest look and said "i was only trying to help you" and we both started cracking up..idk what to do now...i mean ppl say he flirts with me but i dont think so..i mean he's a junior....anyway sorry for the boring blog but i've got nuthin else to write, school otherwise fuckin sucks so yah..if u have any comments please leave them! =]

just because

school fuckin sucked as usual...but thats expected...really bored now "( um i was thinking of drawing so if anyone's got any ideas feel free to comment lol ill try and post stuff if i can [u can check out some other stuff on my page] idk tho my computers been finicky lol so yah.. anything mcr related or w/e haha yup so thats all

Stollen Quiz...MUAH HA HA HA!!!

1) Who is the last person you high-fived?
some kid i dont know in study hall

2) If you were drafted into a war, would you serve?
yah probably

3) Do you sleep with the tv on?

4) Have you ever wheezed the juice?
um? idk

5) Have you ever won a spelling bee?

6) Have you ever been stung by a bee?
yah..didnt go so well, im allergic :P

7) How fast can you type?
pretty fast...a quiz told me 50 words a minute, idk how accurate that is.

8) Are you afraid of the dark?

9) What color are your socks?
black with green and yellow and pink stars and guitars haha

10) Have you ever made out at a

mcr art

somebody asked to post some here it my first blog i wrote more explaining the pictures and all so check that out "]

iPod On Shuffle Thing...30 Songs...

1 House of Wolves - My Chemical Romance
2 Poppin' Champagne - All Time Low
3 Don't Wanna Fall In Love - Green Day
4 Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
5 Hero/ Heroine - Boys Like Girls
6 Knowledge - Green Day
7 Who Knew - P!nk
8 Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
9 Oh! Gravity - Switchfoot
10 Heaven Can Wait - We The Kings
11 The Flood - Escape the Fate
12 Scream - Tokio Hotel
13 Butcher's Hook - Slipknot
14 Into the Morning - Breaking Benjamin
15 Road to Acceptance - Green Day
16 Ignorance - Paramore
17 What a Catch, Donnie - Fall Out Boy
18 Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin
19 Give Me a Sign - Breaking

Just Droppin By

yah so im just droppin by, not much to say...went back to school today, it was was kinda stupid, cuz for one thing we should have had a delay..and just all the drama thats going on is SO un-necessary. just finished a truck-load of homework, algebra 2 and french much fun "/ ..well im probably gonna go write a bit and play my guitar so i might post another blog later.

So they can read the stuff we post on here???

Thats um wow thats pretty sweet i guess haha, still cant believe it.. Iove how i nvr read the "already posted stuff" before i write stupid blogs lol. ... Well im a bit of an insomniac here, ive only slept for two hours and i have to be up for school in three... No way am i going to fall back to sleep anytime soon, ahh the joys of high school "/ well the same thing happened last night so idk.... Here i am with the bogus bloggs again haha....o well thats just me lol...gonna try to get some sleep.... Pce

ugh . . .

school tomoro...rly mad about that...i hate break but i hate school..does that make any sense? i guess its just the seperation from everything that i hate but theres too much drama ...but hey thats high school right? ..i am currently lookin for something to do, doodling in the margins of my notebook [one of millions] ..any ideas? ...wanna see a movie... anybody see daybreakers yet? it even out? idk "( ...perpetual boredom. . .

everybody seems to be postin it so here's this quiz thing lol

ONE - Name: Alley
TWO - Are you single? yah
THREE - Whats your favorite number? 6.
FOUR - What colour do you wear most? black or red.
FIVE - Least favourite colour? pink
SIX - Favorite lollies/candy? skittles!!
EIGHT - Are you happy with your life right now? sure.
NINE - Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity? um yah but i dont agree.
TEN - What is/was your favourite class in school? study hall "P.
TWELVE - How do you make money? i dont "(.
THIRTEEN - Who is your best friend? jule
FOURTEEN - Where do you go to school? --
FIFTEEN - Are you outgoing? nope
SIXTEEN - One word to describe you?