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so i was just told by moy boyfriend that he's going to prom with another, older, girl who happens to be a good friend of mine. im absolutely crushed, havent stopped crying for like an hour, and i really just don't know what to do. any help? please

Horrible Valentine's Day :'(

okay so is anyone else having a totally suckish valentine's day? its the first time im actually not single and i im sitting here listening to my boyfriend tell me how he had a great time at the valentine's day dance last night [which he went to with another girl while i stayed at home] and how hes hoping she'll ask him to prom cuz we're only freshmen but shes a junior. i was like wtf!!?! i'm ur gf but u know w/e so idk, idk what to even say anymore..and he keeps asking me whats wrong and telling me how hes worried about me. help!!

Just an update

Soooo the Three Days Grace concert was AMAZING!!! we weren't on the floor but we got to experience great [and extremely loud] music, mosh pits, and some drunk guy that spent half the night dancing like a ballerina with a flannel was great! lol...then i got to go back to school today and it kinda ruined the whole weekend high thing....we're supposed to get a shit load of snow tomorrow though, so i'm hoping for a closing! ...I'm also in the process of getting tickets for Breaking Benjamin in excited!! lol well thats kinda it for now, anything knew with you guyz?

Concert Tomorrow!!

So tomorrow's my first rock concert...i'm sooo excited!!! Three Days Grace, Chevelle and Flyleaf....i have no idea what to expect other than great music, screaming people and the best night of my life!! haha thats kinda lame but true! ...I'm going with two of my best friends and it's their first concert too so we're really kinda lost in the whole scene. Has anyone seen them anywhere else? Any idea how we should prepare ourselves? Well please let me know, i wanna make this a really great experience!! All comments are a appreciated :]


so i just dealt with a weirdo on aim that wouldnt leave me the hell alone...i never give out my screen name so he says that when i texted my friend it sent it to him too and he was able to tell me eerything that i was saying to my was so creepy, and neither of us [me or my friend] had ever seen the screen name. well now hes gone after telling me "ima hit u up lata" im utterly disturbed "(
anyone else ever deal with that?

woohoo facebook!

finally feel like im in the 21st century, found enough time to make a facebook lol..not many friends yet :/

just a thought

we're doin this huge collection thing at school run by the student council [which im part off :)] for the haitians relief thing...and i was just wondering what evenyone else is doing to help and get involved...if u havent already please try to help in anyway that u can whether its donating extra change or sending boxes of supplies to the red cross. anything u can think of its most definitely needed so please try and help :]

out of boredom

ok im REALLY bored right now, getting ready for a lesson...but i posted a blog a few days ago and im just gonna repeat that if anyone wants any advice or help with anything just leave me a comment or send me a a really good listener and glad to help out in any way that i leave ur comments on here or check out my last blog and leave one [or more] there. :] pce

Soooo how was ur day?

mine was shitty idk bored out of my mind...i was told that im a really good listener today...i guess thats true, a lot off people tell me stuff like idk venting i guess so i was wondering maybe i should use it to give myself a if anyone wants to chat or need help or advice or just want to vent about how fucking great or terriby shitty ur day was then just leave me a comment or shoot me a message...idk how personal u wanna get but i promise i dont judge and im willing to help in anyway i can :] dont be afraid..and im sworn to secrecy :X lips are seeled lol. just glad to help

out of boredom

random thing... okay.. im just makin it up as i go so here it is:
movie you've seen: watchmen
book you've read: the perks of being a wallflower
song you've heard: whatsername [green day]
thing you've been told/heard: just be yourself, don't take anyone's shit and never let them take you alive

movie you've seen: um idk at this point
book you've read: the red badge of courage ick stupid book report
song you've heard: idk SO many
thing you've been told: "ur not worth it anymore" :'(

just random, leave me ur answers!