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My first actaul blog

So today I decided to actually start blogging. I will probably write about anything major that happened that is interesting or I feel strongly enough to write about some days I'll probably just write about the funnier parts of my day if there were any or something that is bothering me or asking for advice. I am thinking of writing about the article of the week that I have to read for my English class because some of the things I read are messed up and people should be aware of like the one for this week having to do with some states lowering educational standards for people depending on their race. I'm sorry if this is boring you and this is my second time writing this because the first went bye bye so I'm sorry if it doesn't flow well or sound good the first one did.

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Sad reminder

Today is a sad reminder that this world is dark. Some of you may have heard about this seeing as it made national news pretty quick. I was in 3rd period when I heard about it and I live in Bakersfield. This morning there was a shooting at Taft High school near Bakersfield, Ca. A student shot two others, one was air lifted to a hospital in Bakersfield and the other only sustained minor injuries thankfully no one died. I find this a little scary since I'm in the same school district as Taft and the school district in its handbook they give parents that it is the safest school district in California. Even though schools in the district have an armed police officer a lot of things happen. This isn't the first shooting in this school district and there have been many stabbings at them as well. Thankfully my school has yet to have any incidents like this but it is still a relatively new school and I'm sure that in a few years it will be just as bad as the rest of the high schools here.