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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 28

*Sorry it's a bit short, but there will be more up soon! ENJOY!!*

The cab stopped in front of a vintage looking house. Something that looked like it would belong to an old couple. Alex paid the driver and got out of the car. He assessed the area and check if anyone was around. There was only three other people walking down the street.
He then peaked around the house, it was quiet and it looked like no one was home. Well, that's what he thought until he hear a deep male voice cackle from inside the house. He moved closer, his stealthy movements not making a sound. Alex hid behind a tall garbage bit at the side of the house. He listened contently.
"Three hundred years of being the most bad-ass killers and still going strong!" boombed the voice.
"Yeah!" said another voice. This time it wasn't as deep as the first, more raspy. "Three hundred years to the day! Oh Jonathon, we do make great partners in crime! Remember our first kill?" he said.

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I have no real friends...

I never really had any. Just fakes...
Now I know I probably shouldn't be posting this, but today I can home bawling my eyes out because my 'best friends' are ignoring me and pretending that I don't exist. I have no idea why this has suddenly occured! I'm not sure if someone who hates me has told them lies about me saying bad stuff about them. I do that kind of stuff. I don't bitch about my friends! I'm so cunfused right now, I don't kow what to do!
My mum has been a great help. God bless her... She was there for me and supported me. I love her and my dad and little brother (even though he can anoy the shit outta me LOL!). My music has also helped. MCR of course! I sang the words of the songs I listened to and didn't even care if the nextdoor nabours heard. That helped me a lot too.

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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 27

*Sorry it took so long to post this part... But here it is, part 27! Haha!! Hope you like it!! If your new to my fanfic here are the first 20 parts.

Alex paced the hotel room. He thought and planned, the TV was on and the news was playing. It was then that what the news presenter was saying, caught Alex's attention.
"The murmerers of the couple, Alex Waide and Helena Miles, have been identified" she informed. Two pictures of two scruffy looking men popped up on the screen. One was bald and had a beard, while the other had ginery hair (I have nothing against red heads. I think they are cool! XD) and piercings on his ears and eyebrows. "Their names are Jonathon Small and Patrick Booth. I anyone has any information relating to these two men or the crime they are urged to contaed and inform the authorities. In other news..."

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How can I make them understand...

How can I make my family and my 'friends' (that's if I still have any) understand how much and why My Chemical Romance means to me.
Well I'll tell you first...
MCR means A LOT to me. They tell me that it's alright to not be Okay sometimes when your being bullied and that I'm not alone, because we will all be Okay in the end. Famous Last Words empowers me and encourages me to keep on living when times are getting tough. I can relate to I'm Not Okay and a lyric in Disenchanted (I spent my high school career spit on and shoved to agree) as well as some other songs.

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OMG!!!!!! Happy Birthday Ray!!!!!!!!! XD

Wow! it's Ray's birthday!!! Yay!! :D
So Three Cheers for Sweet Ray!! Haha!
Happy Birthday Ray, hope you have a wonderful day!
Keep on rockin' XD we all love you!

-Thrill Killer
Keep Running :D

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My upcoming fanfic, needs Killjoys!!!!!!

So I'm writing another fanfic called 'When They Took Over' and I've just started it. I need some Killjoys to be in it. So if you want to be in it, PLEASE message me with a Bio (description) of you as a Killjoy and I'll put you in it.
Just so you know, it won't be posted untill my Revenge fanfic comes to a clos so that might take a while. But, I'll be sure to message you when its up.
Stay safe. Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly.

~Thrill Killer
Keep Running :D

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I love this guitar!!!!

I realy want it!!!
It reminds me of the Black Parade... *sigh* I just love it!!!
But the thing is... Is that I'm not a professional at guitar playing. I'm just a beginner. But I seriouly LOVE it!!! The finish on the body is just amazing!!! I really want it. But I don't think my oarents will like the price on it... :/
$1,849 That's expencive... Well to me it is. I thought that electric guitars were like $500 or so.. Not over $1000!!!
LOL! So untill I learn the guitar properly, I'm stuck with a cheap acoustic. My dad and I just replaced the strings this week. Becuase my older cousin stummed the shit out of the lower E string and broke it.
But now its all good. Just got to keep on re-tuning it untill the tunning stays properly.

Stay safe. Stay beautiful. Keep it ulgy.
-Thrill Killer
Keep Running :D

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Finally!!! XD

School is out for two weeks!!!! :) It's still not enough though.. Two weeks of winter vacation, then back to that shit hole of a school.. :/
I wish I could live in America... It's summer there and I want to be there. I bet I would find decent friends there. I bet I would fit in the Killjoy or misfit clique.
I don't really like school anymore. People putting me down and bullying me.
It's easy to tell when people don't have lives... It's when they try to ruin other people's lives. So that means A LOT of people don't have lives at my school...
I cant' wait till I'm out of there. Hopefully at senior school, the students there will be much more mature and won't pick on me.
Today I just realised that I have spent my whole school career being bullied. I know it sounds silly but it's true. Ever since my kindy teacher gave me that stupid nickname (not going to say it) I've had people calling me that all my life. It pisses me off HARD! -.-

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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 26

*I haven't got anything to write for the usual intro except I'm Not Okay... :/ I you read my last blog you'll find out why. And it got even worse today… So here it is Killjoys! ENJOY!! XD*

Alex's P.O.V
I awoke to see light shining in my face through the window. I could hear that the TV was still on, I got up and switched it off then walked into the bathroom.
When I looked in the mirror I almost jumped through the ceiling. My skin, it was as pale as a sheet. My eyes were that same hazel colour but much, much darker and red underneath. My lips had lost their pink colour and my hair turned from dark brown to pitch black.
I filled up the sink with warm water and washed my face. I looked back at my reflection, it was still the same. I soon came to the conclusion that, I looked like death.
I looked down at my suit; I was buried in this suit. I wanted to change out of it. But the only thing was, I didn't have any money.

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I was worng... i'm still not Okay.. :( No joke.

So if you've read my blog before last I vented about yesterday's events. I told my mum today and she asked if any one of my friends defended me and I said no, because they didn't say anything to the person who insulted me in front of all my friends.
The she said that they weren't acting like real friends. Because every time they get insulted I say something to defend them! My mum is right though, true friends defend each other no matter what.
it's just not fair... Why is it me that always gets bullied? Am I some kind of push over or something? Because people seem to get some satisfaction in putting me down. :/
But listening to MCR does help me to get over it. :) I have a rutine of MCR songs to listen to, to get my mood up.
Here's the list:
1. I'm not Okay.
2. Disenchanted.
3. Famous Last Words.
5. Give 'em Hell Kid