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So since I was absent the day everybody signs up for clubs they just put me in school paper and apparently some one told the teacher in charge of the club that I do allot of poetry so he called me up and asked me to write a poem for a section in the paper so I did and I showed him but he said its good but it’s not what he is looking for in the paper so I write another and he says its to depressing etc. so basically he wants something not really sad and depressing. I’m out of ideas does anyone have any?
(This story would be confusing w/out labels and I don’t want to mention their name so that’s y there there) Ok so today there was this charity walk thing and my dad couldn’t pick me up on time so I decided to do it. so I go there with my friend 1 and friend 2 and they go to get cup cakes (that I can’t have) so there for I go up to friend 3 and start to talk to her then her bf comes (he and I are friends) any ways long story short friend 1 and 2 start saying that I like friend 3's bf. I don’t know about u guys but that really pisses me off! >=(
Just another day of my fucked up life
Today was just one of those days.
Wow its been a while I'v been buissy w/ skool work. So I spent my halloween/ireoween at home handing out candy and watching scarry movies w/ my friend and bc my mom was at work and my dad was w/ my little bro trick or treating I could watch what ever I wanted XD w/out anybody saying turn that off its too scarry. wbu guys?
Life fuckin sucks!
So my brother went to get an E.E.G. and we wet in everybody was oh he sounds like he’s getting better and then he took the test and come to find out the activity in his brain that causes the seizures has spread. Now there saying that he will have seizures for the rest of his life instead of it ending when he hits puberty. What else is there to say................I'm devastated. Then since we are increasing his meds he felt really crappy. What I don’t get is why him he’s always so nice and generous always putting others before himself I just don’t get it.
sorry heres the pic
Ball and Ring Apparatus Ball and Ring Apparatus
Ok I’m sorry I didn’t leave a blog yesterday but I had a 100 pt. test in history (worst subject ever) and LOADS of home work.
Hey whts up every one?