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..I think it's really sad that Bob has left MCR. If you, like me want Bob to post one last blog to say good bye, copy this text and paste it in a blog and in a message to all your friends here and add your name at the bottom. If we want the band to see this we need as much people as possible. we will miss you Bob and we wish you luck in the future.



I am sooo fuckin bored! I'm stuck at school and no body is listening to me (big surprise there) but where supposed to be doin this thing as a teem against the rest of the grade and we kinda need to listen to everyone not just the popular ppl right? I mean you never know if someone has a good idea (pulse i think it would be wiser to not do what the air heads tell you....unless you want to lose). anyways I'm bored out of my fuckin mined and just needed to talk to someone who listened. thx for readin this =p


O so guess what we have a snow day today! and my one and only best friend (aka my only friend, ppl at school are such judgmental ass holes) just got in a really bad fight w/ her dad so she called her mom to come pick her up (her parents are divorced) but seeing as her mom is an hour away her mom called a fuckin police man to go over and hang their till she got there (which only added fuel to the fire) so basically her dad threatened her that he would send Kodiak, her dog, back to the pound if she left. So now she’s worried about what will happen to Kodi. O guess what we found out on Friday?


ALICE IN WONDERLAND COMES OUT IN 12 FUCKIN DAY'S!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I AM SOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell? lol) it just so perfect b/c we have Friday the 5th off b/c it s records day and and and......
( l l )
( . . )
No but seriously who else is goin to see it?


I fall asleep
With nothing to think
The lights down dim and low
But even here, in my dream land
My pasts still haunts me so
For as I sleep
I cry and weep
Though I try not to show
The pain inside
The numbness of every stride
I cannot hide in my sleep


So, I haven't been on in a while. My mom found out that she can restore the computer to a previous stage so just deleting my history doesn't work anymore (seeing as my mom doesn't know I have an account in the first place). So how have your lives been? I know mine has been oh so exciting (eye roll). The valentines dance is coming up soon and everybody is freakin out and I really don't give a fuck about it but maybe that's just me.


Hey whts up every1? my Yulestmas lol [Yule/christmas (cuz my dad and brother are Christian)] was pretty good the only downer is my kippy Scarlett is blind now =( she is 22 years old and has already lost half of her teeth, and can only hear sometimes aaannd my other kippy attacks her whenever I’m not looking sooo its really hard trying to watching her while preventing Scarlett from running into walls.. pauvres chatte =( any ways how was ur holiday's?

so =/

So its been a ok so our grade is doin a play and its gonna be the Wizered of Oz and there is this girl and she thinks she is the best singer in the world (ya shes good but not great like she thinks) and anyways she is a major bitch so im gonna try out for dorothy and hope i get the part to piss her off (plus i like to sin so the only problem w/ the situation is the costume but i think ill live). O well bad news my brother had a really BIG seizure it lasted like 20 min it was crazzy and we had to go to the hospital=,(.....i wish i could be a better sister for him =/ its just

Wow ok so...

wow ok so it’s been a really long time since iv posted a blog, so um...thanksgiving was good 4 me...I guess....didn’t really do anything......I mean seeing as thanksgiving is about eating and well not much to eat at the table 4 BELATED THANKSGIVNG......btw......oh what was ur thanksgiving like? don’t get back 2 school until tues wbu?....I went 2 this crazy mitzvah on last sat and I mean CRAZZY!

Im sooooooooooooooo board
Im sooooooooooooooo board some1 talk to me!!..................................................plz ),=