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I dont know what to call this stop askin me for a fuckin title

hey all you mcr fans i havent been on in a long just kinda feelin down and it really sucks cuz the last day of school is supposed to be HELL YA FUCK YOU, IM FREE! but right now its just like bleck and I really cant get myself to be excited. and my ipods dead as well as my phone and im stuck at school for another 1/2 hour till i get picked up and all my "friends" ditched me...sigh....anyways ya im not gonna waist anymore of your time.
<3 u all - Zan aka: propane color explosion

fuck you world

Dear world i dont know what im here for i dont even know why i exist i dont know what i want and i dont know what it is that you expect of me im a waist of time and space idont seem to exist except to myself anyways so i guess that doesnt matter i wish i could just know what to do though im alone and in the dark live by each day what is home what is love neather really exist i just dont care anymore i dont care if i live of the skin on my back or rot in a fuckin cell in prison fuck you im done i dont care what is trendy i'll wear what i want talk how i want and love who i want go where i


Im bored to tears my parents are at there stupid party and im stuck at home... so i watched a movie where everyone was unrealisticly happy and its makin me feel really sad cuz im like all alone... anyways anyone have any green day vid sugestions for youtube? (I nead some St. Jimmy)

Crazzy person + nothing to do = insane asylum

oh my god i had a snow day 2day and my computer hasnt been working so I'v been stuck in my house w/ absolutly nothing to do its been horrible! I almost lost my mind. it was fine at first watched movies that I havent in a while played a little wii but then the power went out dont ask me how im not a genious it just did so i had nothing to do NOTHING!


stuck in comp sci reviewing for a test 2marrow i really wish it was the weekend already or even better winter vacation.


wow.......ok its been a long not much, school, school...etc. but wht about everyone else im sure u ppls have more interesting lives.

Glasses or no glasses...

Ok who thinks Mikey Way looks amazingly hot with glasses? (I DO!!!)


It’s been a while and u ppl probably don’t care, but I am going to tell you about my past weekend (and Friday). Ok so Friday we didn’t have class’s cuz we went to a ropes course for a whole day; It was cold damp and we were in a forest.


I'm supposed to be doing a history project right now and its supposed to be a newspaper article from the 1920's on fashion (cuz I'm so fashionable lol) anyways I'm doing wedding dresses but all the sites i can find are ether u must have an account or tell very little.


Ok so my brother got a new neurologist cuz his last one kept trying to change his meds. And she said it should end when he hits puberty cuz he only has seizures at night and there is no history at all on either side of our family for seizure disorders. So my brother went to go see his new neurologist a couple days ago and this guy told him he has epilepsy. And I’m just so fuckin mad right now I mean there has to be a mistake my brother can’t have epilepsy he just can’t...