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new story???

so as I couldn't write anymore of my killjoys story, i'm gonna start a new one, but I need ideas.. if you have any, please inbox me, coz I don't want anybody to know what will happen in the story, coz i'm gonna post it on here :) and also I will credit anybody who comes up with an idea x) it can be any idea (clean) , any era, any characters, real or fiction, or you :) please post ideas I have writers block!!
run bunnies run, I love you all ~straightjacket x

blog for bored people

all you lovely people seem to be feeling down tonight.. so yeah another challenge thingy for if you wanna join in :)

you have to make a story up using at least 10 song names (any band) i'm doing it so please don't leave me on my own!! :)
here's mine: ps. it's 2 made up people coz I couldn't think of anyone who would talk to me in real life.

"honey, this mirror isn't big enough for two of us!" I whined. "can't we get this one?"
"no, that mirror is never coming home with us, it won't fit in the car!" chided matt.
"fine, then." I started pretend sulking as we got to the car with our ikea

nighttime rant #2

so yeah, i'm now officially ill. I have tonsillitis so i'm stuck in bed with my laptop for a few days (*sighs* oh well :) ) and yeah. so.. are all you guys okay?? what have you all been up to recently?? and am I the only one who thinks lemsip tastes like monkey piss??

nighttime rant #1

it's 20 past midnight here in England and I can't sleep at all. I've got a real bad cold as well, pretty much flu, and i'm losing my voice. I feel like crap but I can't stay off school tomorrow because I have an English gcse exam tomorrow that's worth about 10% of my grade.. and it's about 7 degrees c outside and full on raining buckets.

advice giver

so.. I think i'm going to make another account for an here aswel a my own. so many people are in need of help and it helps me forget my own problems help you lovelies with yours. it will be called "xxadvicekilljoyxx" so if you ever feel like you need to speak to someone, plese inbox xxadvicekilljoyxx" and I will try and help you. even if you just use it to rant, that's fine. okay love you all and stay strong!! comment if you think I should do this or not :) xxx


soo.. today (England time) is now officially 9-11. I know that this can be an emotional time for many people, especially people like gerard, so I just wanted to say that i'm sorry if anybody knew anyone involved and that my inbox will be available if anyone need any support. I don't know anybody involved, but even I have skylines and turnstiles playing over and over in my head, making me want to cry. this is just a little blog to say that I care. and I will never forget. it's my earliest memory, so how could I?? anyways, I love you all, and stay strong my vengeful lovelies xxx

i'm probably overreacting but...

sooooo... if you actually read this it's just a giant rant sorry :\

my brother just started the same high school as me, and he's 11 and i'm 14. he could tell I was in a bad mood so he thought he'd point it out on our way home. I told him that I wasn't feeling well, and had a headache and was in a bad mood so don't cross me. so he just starts saying my name over and over again until I say what and then he just says hi. so I pulled my hood up, and put my hair over my face. try to ignore him. but then he jumps at me and pushes down on my head really hard so he can jump high.


so... I've been put on this anti-depressant tincture (you drink it) thing by my doctor and I've been on it for 2 days now. it tastes disgusting, and hasn't done anything for me so far. in fact, it's made me worse. I go really really hyper and then just sit down and sleep for ages and then feel like crying before going hyper again. it's actually quite confusing, and I don't like it. my doctor says I have to stay on them for at least 2 weeks before she can change them or take me off them, so i'm stuck with them.

Story challenge

It was two fifteen when I finally dragged my carcass out of bed. the afternoon sun shone through my curtains as I struggled to open my eyes. but alas, I had to shoot out of bed to answer my Nokia 3310 as it was causing an earthquake on my desk. 'Damn, why did I leave it on vibrate' I muttered to myself, wondering why the desk hadn't split in two. I answered it and found out it was my grandma telling me that my cousins had come over and wanted to show me the new games they had just bought. I quickly got dressed and went to brush my teeth, getting toothpaste down my hoodie as always.

to brighten everyone's mood

everybody (including me) seems a little down at the moment so I thought I would try and cheer people up a bit or at least make the site more lively. I'm setting a challenge. your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to post a story including these words:


I will be posting mine in a few minutes. you have 48 hours starting now.. GO GO GO!!

*nobody posts*