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Jellyfish Sporks

so me and my friend (sadly not a killjoy yet i'm still trying gus!!) have made a youtube channel, where we will post videos every Friday, whether they be parodies, roasts, tributes to awesomeness aka mcr, challenge blogs, anything :) I just wondered if you guys would check it out maybe because we want to make the killjoys even more famous, so yeah thanks guys, and happy birthday lonestar honey, I hope you're okay and got whatever you wanted :) love you gus thanks byee xx

ps i'm jellyfish (I swear i'm high when I come up with these ideas... XD)

Please read this if you're going to give up on us!!

Attention: All My Chemical Romance fans who have begun to give up. PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE OUT OF YOUR DAY TO READ THIS AND PASS IT ALONG.
We have to have to HAVE TO keep this fandom alive. Everyone is abandoning it. We can't give up. My Chemical Romance is still a part of my heart. The role plays are dying, the fan fictions are dropping, the radio stations aren't getting requests for them anymore, it's sad. If you loved MCR as much as I did you wouldn't abandon it and leave it to die. Gerard said "MCR is gone, but it can never die." Its alive in US. We have to stay strong!

this is hard to admit but..

hey guys, I think it's time I tell you something. I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, and I think I've made up my mind a bit more, thanks to a certain someone on this site (thanks sooo much for your support!) and I have to tell you. i'm not sure, but I think I might be a lesbian. or at least bi curious. I've never had a proper crush on a boy before, or a girl, but I've never let myself think about that, because I've always been scared of being judged. but I know you guys will understand and won't judge me in a bad way.

i hope this is good news!!

well, somebody told me lonestar's real name and I searched the Virginia obituaries, and her name didn't come up, which is good, but we still don't know where she is, if she's okay or not. I hope it isn't the reason, but she may have attempted suicide still but have not succeeded.. either way I think she's alive but we don't know if she's okay.. so we need o keep praying!! please add to the lonestar parade in any way you can!! we love you lonestar hold on girl you're gonna be fine!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

no 4 blog tonight, please respond!!

does anybody on this site know lonestar's real name?? inbox me if you do, because she might not want it public, but i'm going to search her on the internet to see if she has posted on any other sites (thank you to give em hell for the idea x ) we need to know what has happened, so we can all sleep better at night, even if it is the worst..

thanks and bye for now!! x

blog of tonight no.3, i know but please read this it is really important!!!

so I have come up with an idea to show lonestar that we love her and that she means so much to us!! please do this. okay, so my idea is for everybody who reads this to reblog this message from wherever you read it on any site at all, so if she goes online at all, she will see our message. please o along with this idea, I really want lonestar to see that we care. use, here, facebook, twitter, tumblr, deviantart, message it to her, just get this across to her, so she WILL see it, and know we care about her, and that she has soooo much to live for.

i know i just bloged but

yeah, I already blogged, but i'm in a creative mood, so doeas anybody have anything they want me to do, like a band emblem or killjoy name or something, coz I have nothing to do for a few hours (French homework doesn't count) so yeah :) plus, i'm lonely so ask me anything at all x

run, bunnies, run,

ps, I decided to do my ray toro hair today (natural) and I wondered what you think and if I should keep it or straighten it again xxx

strangeness is mandatory

so I know I look weird in this photo, but it's a shot of me that shows what I look like to me in my head. a crazed loony with no knowledge of better judgement. and yeah, I have weird eyes, I know. it's not my fault they're a circle practically! but I don't care. I just thought i'd cheer you all up, and also ask you to post a picture of what you loo like to yourself in your head. it doesn't have to be of you, just a picture that represents you in the best way possible. okay love you guys, and if you're feeling sad, cheer up coz it's nearly Halloween!!!


as many people have already seen and posted blogs about, a dearly loved member of our killjoy family wrote a suicide note on here yesterday. this is really serious guys, and we need to help her in any way we can!! please pray for her, inbox her, write blogs for her, comment on her blogs, just get the message across that we love her and tht nothing should make you want to end it all.

what the hell is wrong wih me???

so I've been sick the past couple of days, with tonsillitis. but although I get sick a lot, I get over it quickly too. I still felt like crap today, but I wasn't exactly sick, if you know what I mean. I couldn't talk, and I was dizzy and kept falling into things. my dad just said to me that i'm fine, and that I still have to go to school. he left, and then I tried to get ready, I really did, but then I couldn't, and I broke down crying. I called my mum and she understood and she said I could stay off school today. so I did.