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I have a strange question for all of you!!!!!

hey, I was watching the nanana video as I do a LOT, and I was thinking (dangerous I know right??) what does Frankie eat, because they are all meant to be eating power pup, which is dogfood. but dog food has meat in it, and Frankie is a veggie no?? does he eat something else, and i'm just really unobservant, or does he become non veggie because of the situation, or is he just no longer a veggie?? this is gonna bug me to death until I know the answer, so please if you know, respond asap I won't be able to sleep :S Thanks!!

Kindle x

Can you not??

Today I've seen a few posts of upset, and happiness, and of people needing our support. I wanna tell them that I'm here to message any time they want to xxx but also, I've been seeing a few posts that have nothing to do with my chem, music, or people wanting advice, and this is pissing me off, as these posts are drowning the actual blogs about relevant things.

Bonus chapter: the fabulous famous killjoys chapter 3

yeah, this is really short, and a filler chapter, so i'm posting it now, and a longer one on Wednesday which i'm writing now. enjoy my little rebels :)

Chapter 3

Johnny’s P.O.V.

The early morning sun shone brightly over the dusty Californian desert. The only blip on the baron, desolate landscape is a small hut, more like a shack, and a beaten up trans am with a spider painted onto the bonnet.
“So, what are we gonna do with them??” I heard from the other room in this hideout thing we were in. I think it was Gerard. The others keep calling him Part Poison, it must be some kinda codename.

hey :)

so there hasn't been many posts today, so I've decided to do something about it (I kinda do this a lot, I get bored easily) I've decided to start a mini fanfiction in this blog, anyone can join in, and post as many times as they want. you post 2 sentences in a comment, an then someone else has to follow on from those 2 sentences, to create a story. it can be about any band member, in any era, with any made up characters, but no smut, coz that's kinda inappropriate.. anyways, join in, and we can make this a kickass story ;) GO GO GO!!!

Kindle x

The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 2 :)

Chapter 2

Straight Jacket’s P.O.V.

Dr Death watched Kobra Kid sleeping on the floor from his wheelchair, his eyes lit up with devilish glee. Ghoul slowly tiptoes up to him and puts the giant speaker they salvaged from a dumpster next to his ear. Dr Dee then tries not to laugh as he shouts down the mike, “LOOK ALIVE, SUNSHINE!” Then we fall apart laughing as Kobra screams and jumps off of the floor, Kung Fu kicking at the same time, causing him to fall and hit his head.
“That wasn’t funny,” He rants, rubbing his head, “I only just got to sleep after Party decided we had to go on a raid to get

copying chemicaljoe27 :)

001. Real Name → Eleanor Mochan
002. Nickname[s]→ Kindle, sporks, nelly, weirdo, crackpot
003. Male Or Female → female
004. Elementary → I'm English so...
005. Primary school → St. Chad's primary school
006. High School → Holy Cross Catholic high school
007. Hair Color → Dark brown but I want it black and red
008. Long Or Short → Short (like just above my chin
009. Loud Or Quiet → Loud but quiet in school
010. Sweats Or Jeans →Jeans, I don't own sweats
011. Phone Or Camera →Camera, no idea where my phone is :S
012. Health Freak → nope, hate healthy, pizza all the way!!
013. Drink



love this song soooooo much, and the misfits, but it's proper stuck in my head...

The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 1 :)

I know I posted this a few months ago but it's been drastically changed. only this chapter is the same, as t is like the intro :) please read it inbox me if you want me to send links for other chapters once I put them up (i'm updating on Saturdays and Wednesdays, UK times) so yeah, enjoy, and any constructive criticism is awesome!! thanks, and btw, it may seem i'm copying blood'y revenge with the storyline here, but it changes very dramatically, and is nothing like the other story. and you should read blood'y revenge's story, it's awesome!!

Kindle x

Chapter 1

Jet Star’s P.O.V.


killjoys story rewrite IMPORTANT

so hey again, to take my mind off of how shit i'm feeling I decided to give my fanfic another try (no smut or romance of any kind that I know of at this point, especially no frerard, there are enough of those) but I need a name for the girl. I was wondering if anybody wanted their killjoys in the story, either as the girl and we just use your name and maybe backstory if you wanna think of one (If not i'll write one up) or i'll add your character in, maybe as a double agent, or one living with dr death or just a lone motorbaby etc in the desert. please inbox or comment if you wanna be in it.

i haven't posted for a while i'm sorry!!

sorry guys I haven't posted for a while on here... i'm posting now because i'm having a demon day (gorillaz were my favourite band at 1 point) and it's fucking stupid and I hate it. I feel so alone at school, even when i'm surrounded by my friends (all fucking 3 of them) and even people who I don't speak to in history, the loud boys who usually try to pull pranks on me noticed something was wrong. they asked me if I was okay because I realised I had my sleeve half pushed up (not enough to show my cuts thank god) and they could see my doodles.