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The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 11 :)

Two months later….


I realised it was me screaming this. We had just finished with a group of dracs in bat city, and this cannot be happening right now. I watch as her lifeless body slowly falls to the floor, a look of pain on her face, and then peace. I then feel her calling my name again and again. I then realise that I need to wake up. My eyes jolt awake, and I just hug Straight Jacket.

“I thought you were dead, in my dream you got shot and…and…” I broke down in tears at the thought of the nightmare.

“No no no no, that wasn’t me, that

I've had enough, fuck them

so it happened again today... I keep getting asked out by popular people, and I know it's a joke, coz they all hate me. I obviously say no because of this, and then they all start laughing and start saying little comments like "oh she thinks she's too good for us" that I'm meant to hear. I'm really insecure about the way I look, because nobody I've ever known on the outernet apart from my friends have ever told me I'm pretty, and on all the "like for looks on facebook I always get okay. and I'm happy with okay. because okay is me, and I'm not trying to be somebody else.

My new Fanfiction!!

Don't worry I've not abandoned my old one but I just thought I'd tell you guys about it :) It's a series of short stories about mcr, and I will post the first one on here :) I can't post them all because it's co-authored so I can only post mine. and be warned, they're kinda crazy!! x.0 okay here's the first one:

"time for tea time for tea time for tea time for tea time for tea" chanted Kindle, over and over again.

"will you shut up I can't eat my cupcakes in peace with you here whispering that down my ear!! and anyways, isn't it coffee, you hate tea!!" came Ray's reply to her insanity.


The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 10 :) sorry it took so long!!

Chapter 10

Waterfall Bomb’s P.O.V.

Not long now… I hate having to wear all this extra shit to hide my appearance; it just doesn’t feel right! But it will soon be over, and we can give them all the strangest but hopefully memorable night of their lives….

Dead Pilot’s P.O.V.

“Urgh, I hate it I HATE IT!!!! Please can I not wear it for one - ” I was cut off by an annoyed looking Transmission Hydrogen.

“You can’t, what if they find us out?? All our efforts for them not to notice us will be in ruins! Keep in character, and then it will all work out okay.”

“Fine,” I muttered back, trying to keep

Happy Ieroween!!

hehe I just finished my pumpkin and my makeup ;) zombie killjoy face complete!! (to be honest it's just a black parade face badly ,, but I'm proud of it, it took 2 hours!! the pumpkin also tppk an hour I think, so I've literally spent the whole day doing Halloween stuff x.0 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANKIE THE PUMPKIN IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 9 :)

Chapter 9

Cry Baby’s P.O.V.

As Stringent and I look around the desert for the diner hidden behind some dunes, we hear a truck. It sounds like the pickup we got into this mess in. I look round, and see it is, and Plastic, Pilot, Electric and Dagger are inside it, looking like they might be crying. They pull up to hand us a note before carrying on their speeding trail across the empty desert.

The silence is interrupted by Stringent after about ten minutes. “What does the note say?” he asks. I hand it over wordlessly, after reading it for the hundredth time myself.

*Dear Cry Baby and Stringent

The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 8 :)

Chapter 8

Plastic Nightmare’s P.O.V.

I feel bad staying here with the guys, we were meant to go back out long ago. The next mission one of us gets, we’ll head back to Dr Death. He said to go for a couple of days to see if the fabulous killjoys are okay, and also to find a place for Stringent Death and Cry Baby to stay. They seem happy enough here, but we need to go within the next two weeks, or we’ll definitely be found out. After all, Korse doesn’t know about the Fabulous Killjoys yet, but he sure as hell knows about us. We ghosted his wife for starters.

The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 7 :)

Chapter 7

Straight Jacket’s P.O.V.

As soon as the guys left I put my pyjamas on; it had been a long day so I was allowed, even if it is only seven in the evening. I then went down the corridor into the main part of the diner, where I saw a very annoyed Kobra Kid with a red face whisper-shouting at Ghoul, who was trying his best not to laugh. He stopped though as soon as he saw me watching, and went as red as Poison’s hair.
“Erm….well….StraightwillyougooutwithmeIreallylikeyou” Kobra gushed. I was so happy he actually asked me out!! Not that we can go anywhere, but that’s not the point.

The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 6 :)

Chapter 5
Straight Jacket’s P.O.V.
“where should I begin?” I decided to come clean and tell Tangent everything I remember, including my violent past, which is probably the reason I don’t remember. It’s too painful.
“Tell me everything, starting with you, then Toxic, them me.” Came her calm reply.
“Okay, but be warned, it’s not pretty” I shudder before beginning. “When I was three, I had an accident. It destroyed half of my brain and I had to learn everything all over again. BL/nd said that I was mentally insane because of this, and took me away to the B. L. asylum.

people thought i was joking....

yes, the spork club has started.... IT'S ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe my ovely mcr hoodie just chillin, and yes, that's my face not a mask. it's half the reason I need to be locked up (you've probably worked out the other resons ;x )

The rules of spork club:
1. Tell EVERYONE about spork club
2. Comment or blog about spork club, and together we can take down the forks before it's too late!!!!
3. don't use a fork will be hunted down and stabbed with a spork (that's a joke btw)
4. appreciate the spork, it needs love :)

so there we are!! join spork club!!!!!! (ps i'm crazy