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let's get this site more alive!!

i'm starting a word of the day and a song of the day that isn't an mcr song and a movie of the week too. i hope you all do it with me!!

Word of the day: Yesteryear
it means the recent past, like yesterday, but for over a few months ago or something instead

Song of the day: Nearly witches ever since we met - Panic! at the disco
it's such a great song, i recommend it to all of you ^.^

movie of the week: the breakfast club.
it's quite an old movie, 80's i think, but it's just so great i must have watched it fifty times


what happened to my home

this site is my home. what happened? where did everybody go? i want my family back on here with me to guide me through everything like the old times. i want everything to be back the way it was. i want the days back where everyone posted at least once a week, where there would always be a message from someone waiting for you. where you had to wait twenty minutes for your blog to appear, and the pages were upgto two a day all filled with blogs about everyones lives. i miss that. i want comments to appear again. i want the internet hugs back. i want my friends back. i want my family back.

sorry for not posting yall can shoot me

so yeah, i'm still alive i guess

my hair looks crappy and too long and brown again, but i hope to dye it pink and blue and cut it like it used to be again

i feel a bit shit with everything going on with my life right now :/
not because its bad exactly, just everything has all the ideas and means to complete it but nothing is being done, all my projects lie abandoned (I will get round to the ones for you, Z, i promise xoxo)

i want to read but i can't do it. i just start crying when i read harry potter, and i can't bring myself to finish the book

i went to see tfios a while ago, and it was

i need a hug

i really need a hug right now i feel so broken and alone and although my crush says he likes me he never talks to me first it's always me talking to him, and even then he only sometimes replies and i just hate it and i want him to either tell me he likes me or just say he doesn't because i can't stay not knowing and also i hate it that i really like him and i will just stay hung up on him until he tells me he doesn't like me outright because im not used to people liking me and idk i don't know how i feel about anything anymore and exams and stuff and i just want to go home.

i think i'm going to die

is it possible to collapse in on yourself into a heap of nothingness and tiredness? because my mind is trying to do this with the best of it's ability and i need it to world i have too much homework and exam preparation and revision and a fucking speeh i think i'm going to die a slow and painful death through crying myself into an overexhausted state

Add me!

Follow my tumblr everybody grannybeards :) I follow back and I'm not that annoying ;) also my snapchat is deadelf17 so if you want a friend on there add me though any explicit shit and I will block you sorry but yeah shamefully self promoting here I just want some more killjoy friends xx


bringing new meaning to the word bluetit

Dudes please remember to wash all hairdye off your skin as soon as it lands because if you don't you will end up like me and I look like I'm turning into a smurf just don't leave it for two minutes okay



How is everyone? I feel like I've neglected you all, sorry :(



i'm trying to blackmail my (kinda) boyfriend (kinda i don't even know what's going on) into going to see the fault in our stars with me in june. he doesn't want to go. but i'm making him feel bad by telling him repeatedly it's my birthday so now he has to go with me so i won't be crying in the inema alone xD



So I was happy today. Like, I felt hope and I was happy and I felt like a six year old again and it was nice. Then someone said one bad thing to me and everything has all come crashing down. It wasn't a bad think exactly either. They told me my hair looked really bad and I needed to get it cut. That was it. And its unhinged me. I'm freaking out and my beautiful band mates who usually run round to hug me or cheer me up are all on dofe so I'm stuck with nobody apart from you lovely people, who are already ingrained in my heart after helping me for over a year now.