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What is going on I don't know whether to be excited and cry or believe its a hacker and cry but either way I'M GONNA CRY IM DISCOMBOBULATED AND SCARED AND EXCITED HELP

ALSO my ex bf is being a stalker and a dick

sorry it's not really interesting or meaningful

but yeah I wanna talk to some people, old and new :) my phone fucks with this website, so the hances are if i haven't replied to a message from you, i have but it didn't send. how are you all? what have you all been up to? how is school/ college/ university/ work/ whatever you are doing right now. how's life at home? i hope you're okay xoxo


I don't even know anymore, my answer to everything is just shit

happy birthday mikeyyyyyyy

happy fuckin birthday mikey fuckin way x.0 love you, you inspire me to be who i am no matter how awkward i feel at first, and for that i thank you. hope you have a good day :D

Killjoy name

Okay, so although I've been an mcr fan for a long time, I've never really had a killjoy name, I've just always used my user name because I could never find something that felt like it was right for me. But now I've finally found my Killjoy name. I decided that it's gonna be Shattered Rainbow, because last year we did the glass menagerie in drama at school, and in the last paragraph of the play, there was the line "like pieces of a shattered rainbow". Now I don't know why, but for me, that is the most beautiful sentence I've ever read in my life. I didn't like performing the play or seeing it performed as much as I liked to read the script, and this line means so much to me for some reason. So yeah. How are you guys? Xoxo

XxstraightjacketxX x.0

still here

hey everyone!! i dont even have an excuse why i haven't been posting, im so sorry :/ ive just not felt like it really...

how is everyone? I'm dreading going back to school on .wednesday, i hate it so much there :( but it's only one more year then i can leave forever ^.^ I got a girlfriend last night which is super good, but i don't know how to tell my parents. My brother keeps calling me gay for having short hair anyway, so i think they kinda know.. oh well she is super cute and i really like her !!!

Has anyone seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? I've seen it three times already and i have the soundtrack, i'm obsessed, best marvel film so far (though all marvel films are amazing) x.0

I really like mindless self indulgence at the moment too, especially the album if :) i'd like to go and see them but they're on hiatus again i think :/


hey guys, still alive but just a little bit preoccupied with shit going on in life to be on here a loot, which is a shame. how are you all? i missed you x


I'm not sure if i will have time to check up on here tomorrow so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Ray Toro incase i can't say it tomorrow. He has been a huge part of my life and without him and the others i wouldn't be here. Ray Toro is an angel in disguise and i really don't think he gets enough love. Happy Birthday princess fro fro and i really really hope that you have success with your solo career and you can still maintain your lovely family life with Christa and your kiddo x.0


doing this cool challenge thing :)

all my music deleted off of my phone the other day so i've only got the 30 or so tracks i've put back on so far, so i'll do this again when i have all my music back x.0


So here's what you do;
1.Go to your music player
2.Put it on shuffle
3.For each scene, press the next button and so on.

Here's what I got;

Opening credits:
Sweet dreams are made of these - Marilyn Manson

Waking up:
I don't love you - My Chemical Romance

First Day of school:
King cry baby - John Water's Cry-Baby movie soundtrack (1990)

You're so vain - Marilyn Manson

For Z

Even though we've never met, i love you more than the world itself. you could give me the moon and i would sell it so i could pay to reach across those thousands of miles to hug you. i wouldn't be me without you. you are my life. I know as much about you as i do myself. you mean literally everything to me ai don't think i could live without you. I really hope you know how special you are. you are my Z. my best friend, the person i love most in the world. you are the main part of my life. you are my life. I can't thank you enough for being my best friend in the whole world. Not long now.