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Guess what I get to do for Christmas guys!!

So I'm taking child studies (and yes, I know it's too early to start talking about Christmas but atleast none of you were around me in July when I sang Christmas carols for something to do.) and for Christmas, I get a plastic doll to take home and let it scream at me all day for four days. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Not only do I have to bus to a different city to attend my preferred school, but WHILE DOING SO, people are gonna look at me like I'm a little prostitot, to which my response will be "It's plastic, you fucking dumbass!" ...Not my idea of fun. Thanks, that's a great present.

Spent my last day of freedom...

At the beach and at Walmart, pissing people off.
The beach: Fun, but now I have a tan and I look disgusting. And there was a little girl next to us, no older than four or five. My friend decides to creep the living FUCK out of the parents and ask the kid is she wants to help her bury me in a hole. Honestly, it was one of those moments where you laugh so hard you make no sound, so you just sit there clapping like a retarded seal.
Walmart: It's official. Walmart hates my guts, but truthfully, I'm not too fond of them either.


I'm trying to tell my best friend that I like him. It's nerve wracking, but I think he should know. It's been killing me now since Christmas and I'm so scared he won't think of me the same. He's gotten me through so much shit and his laugh keeps me sane. Wish me luck?

Sooo tired...

Every night this week I've had dreams that have had something to do with my dad (whom I haven't seen since Mach, because I got a restraining order against him). Last night, I think it was like I was at a mall or a really crowded place. I saw him and tried to walk the other way, but he grabbed me by the keychain on my neck and kept saying "talk to me, talk to me" and he wouldn't let go. Then I remember I broke the chain and I think I threw it at him from over my shoulder and kept walking and thinking "he's going to jail, he breeched"...and then I woke up.

If you roll a turtle on its back....

It can't roll back onto its belly. If you tape 2 turtles together, they get stuck on their sides. Soooo.... What happens if you tape like five turtles together? Are they unstoppable? AND. If a buttered piece of toast always lands buttered side down, then what happens when you tape a buttered piece of toast to a cat and you drop it?

What to do today...

I suppose it's always fun to irritate people in Wal Mart. I might go with my friend and build forts in the canned goods department. Or make beeping noises when someone backs up in a cramped elevator. Oh and if anyone asks, I don't know where the purple penguins went to o.o

I have a problem...

My best friend and I hav known each other ever since I got him out of that piece of shit foster home, and I've never known him to act like this about anything. He just started screaming and freaking out at me and then when I asked him what's wrong, he wouldn't even look me in the eye, he just got up and left. I've tried calling him but he won't pick up. He hasn't been showing signs of being suicidal or anything... Somebody help?


Sooo...I got bored last night and started looking at my hand and wndered "Oh I wonder what it would look like to have an eyebrow ring between my middle fingers and my ring fingers." Don't I go and do them both...I can still function and all, I just function differently than everyone else and I can't grip FUCK ALL. The awkward moment when you're proud of yourself for opening a door and not yelping in pain like a fucking puppy...


Okay, soo...I live in a group home in Nova Scotia, Canada and most of my family lives in BC. Not only did I just find out that I have the chance to move to BC with my family (if a family member were willing to pay half the plane ticket) but my aunt wants to get me an iphone (she also lives in BC) I dunno how the phone thing is gonna work out, BUT I HAVE A CHANCE TO MOVE HOME!!!

Fuck this shittt (This is a rant, you have been warned)

...So my doctor is trying REALLY fuckin hard to put me on depression pills. I keep telling her "No. I can do it by myself" And she knows that I don't like pills because I watched my dad shove like 50000 tylenol down his throat for back pain all the time when I was growing up. She keeps telling me "Oh, it's a phase" "Oh, you'll grow out of it" And I want to knock her teeth down her fucking throat. How dare she say that to me?
"Oh, you're not happy. Maybe you're fucking depressive..." Lighten up! I mean if I'm saying I'm going to jump off the bridge, then yeah, do something.