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Temporary fanfic part 5

Missed the last part?

Two Days Later

“She’s coming around,” I heard someone whisper. I blinked a few times and slowly, shakily stood. Two days of sitting in one spot, you get really stiff. I felt six pairs of eyes on me; the two additional were our newest members of the team. Someone was about to get up, but I shook my head. I wasn’t a child learning to walk.
It took a minute for everything to come back to me.

Temporary fanfic part 4

Sorry for the long wait, I haven't been able to reach a decent computer that lets me post long things.
Missed the last part?

A Month Later

The chemicals in the air have turned the sky gray; the streets still reeked of rusty old metal, salt and ultimately death. We took turns watching for these robot-like creatures (since I was the one awake the most, I had the longest shifts). Anywhere we went, we boarded up the doors, and any other holes we had found in the unit.

I've decided...!

To pierce my cheeks! Right now, I have nine pieces of titanium attachted to my face (tounge ring, snake bites ((2 pieces of metal per side)), earrings, eyebrow ring, bridge ring) and I had the webs of my fingers pierced, but they rejected. I wonder how bad it'll hurt.
Love to stay and chat, but the library computers have a god damn time limit!
-xoxo Atomic Monster out

Heading out in a bit

It is Wednesday, January 4th, 10:51 am
And in a few minutes, I will be headed to a haunted radar tower/army base out in the middle of nowhere. SO. If I die because I lacked proper climbing shoes and rope, I love you all XD Wish me luck!

Is it unusual..

- To want a set of mortician's makeup (That would make an AWESOME birthday present, mother)
- To hear chewbacca noises in a library (when I'm not the one making them)
- To be able to paint six different colors on your eyes and mouth in about five minutes
- To not know the difference between regular ketchup and "fancy" ketchup

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME what the plural word for hippopotamus is? D: I don't want to remain clueless!!

Hippopotomoose? Hippopotomi? Hippopotomeese? Hippopotomooses? I'm so confused!!

Temporary fanfic part 3

Missed the last part?

The scene was like something out of a horror movie. Blood splattered the walls and stained the traces of glass that surrounded the clone. The revolver slid from my hands and clattered to the floor as I looked up and saw three pairs of eyes staring back at me. Gerard, Mikey and Ray. They had a shocked look on their face, as if I had been the one shot and they were in a state of paralysis.

Temporary fanfic part 2

Missed the last part?

We all agreed in under a minute to take them in, Mikey helped me tear the wood from the front door frame. I moved into paramedic mode as soon as I set eyes on the girl. Pressing a hand to her cheek, it was beaded in sweat. I looked up at the boy,
“What’s her name?” He just stared at her as I questioned. I stood again and grabbed him by the shoulders. “What – Is – Her – Name,” I repeated slowly.

Temporary fanfic part 1

*Author's note* I call this a "tempoary fanfic" because the idea of using real people's names makes me feel like a stalker, so I'm only using their names until I think of other names. If that makes any sense. It's a bit on the longer side, so read it if you're bored. And this is my first ever storyline that looks anything like a fanfic, so be nice (please?)!

Anywhere But Here

My eyes snapped open to the caterwauling of “today’s latest” shitty singer. Another radio re-run, I swear I’ve heard them all. I wondered when their emergency battery would cut out? Oh, wouldn’t that be the day?

...My word I love stupidity

So I was looking at my watch and it said it goes below 300m sea level. What the actual fuck? I'm gonna know what time it is when my head implodes. When you're at 300m below sea level, it's time to start swimming UP. It's time to realize that something is very, very WRONG.
On that note, there is this one girl that I live with and she says she wants to write a love song. So I asked why she wasn't and she said it was because she didn't know how. Hun, if you listen to the love songs on the radio, you should be able to tell that they don't either.

I want a tattoo..

So I want angel wings that take up my entire back, and I want lyrics to go with them, but I like too many to pin down. It doesn't HAVE to be MCR, it could just be from anyone. I have lyrics from MCR and Black Veil Brides so far.

Some of what I have so far:

Across shoulder line
-We know our wings are flawed (Fallen Angels - Black Veil Brides)

-The angels just cut out her tounge (Hang 'Em High - MCR)

Opinion? Suggestion?