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Temporary fanfic part 11

Missed the last part?

My hand covered my mouth as I picked myself up and staggered out of the building, tripping over my own feet.
“Amber, what’s wrong? What happened?” Ray jumped up from where he sat on a giant piece of corroded sheet metal when he saw me, followed by Mikey.
“She killed her,” My voice was high and pitchy. “Sarah killed Chantel!”
Ray pulled me into his arms as I felt tremors run through me with every hysterical whimper. “I had to kill Sarah, Ray!

Day 6 of my rainbow protest <3

So, just to catch up the people that haven't seen my blog before,
It was supposed to be my best friend's birthday on the 31st, but he committed suicide because of homophobia (and I don't mean the odd little comment, which is unbelievably rude as it is. The way he was picked on was brutal and it made me absoloutely sick). So, for the entire month of February, I'm dressing in rainbow and writing "Stop The Hate" somewhere on my body to show him (if he's watching from somewhere) and kids like him that they're NOT any different from any other human being because of who they chose to love. That they aren't in any way, less than "that dude on the street over there" and I support them wherever they are.

Temporary fanfic part 10

Missed the last part?

I took a step back and my heart skipped until I heard his voice.
“Look at the boots I’ve found! My pants are long enough to cover them so I don’t have to look like an elf anymore!” He said proudly. I pressed a hand to my chest and laughed nervously.
“Good j-job,” I stuttered, “Now, I don’t need you to kill the clone if you don’t like to see blood.

Day 1 <3

Incase someone missed my last post, yesterday, January 31st was supposed to be my best friend's birthday but he commited suicide because of homophobia.
I'm dressing like this (going out today to buy rainbow clothes/accessories) and doing my makeup like this and writing "Stop the Hate" somewhere on myself (in this picture it's on my neck) for 30+ days to show him and kids like him that they're worth just as much as every other human being and that they don't have to take such a drastic step like that just because they chose to love someone different.

It's too late for my friend, but I know he's watching somewhere. If there are any killjoys out there that wanna join me, feel free! Send me a picture if you want, show me how creative you guys are!

So who wants to do this with me?

Today, January 31st was supposed to be my best friend's birthday, but he commited suicide because of homophobia. So I'm dedicating the entire month of February to him, making my outfit/makeup/hair as many different colors as I can possibly get (And believe me when I say I can get creative), just to show him if he's watching from somewhere up there, and other people like him that they ARE, INFACT, worth just as much as every human being. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO STEAL ANOTHER PERSON'S HAPPINESS!

Temporary fanfic part 9

Missed the last part?

When we were inside, I looked at the map of the building for a decent place to stay for a while. Somewhere with access to a couple different exits, somewhere I could be close to.
I put them under a desk in an office, near the middle of the third floor.
“Be quiet, okay? Don’t make any noise,” I told Sarah as she scooted close to Chantel. She nodded her head.

Frank’s Point of View
I don’t know how long it’s been; hours, a day?

Temporary fanfic part 8

Missed the last part?

“One ray gun, one phasor, a bunch of needles, a couple bags of high powered anesthetic - one fast acting, one not. A few revolvers, six or seven cans of bear mace, four cans of pepper spray…I think that’s it.” Mikey gave me the status on weapon count, sorting them all into piles. “Should you be doing this?” He asked, concerned about my arms.
“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I be doing this?” I questioned.
“Well, you’re hurt.” Anxiety grew on Mikey’s face. I sighed,
“If a kid broke his leg when the

Temporary fanfic part 7

Missed the last part?

We bolted for the dusty hospital doors as fast as our legs would carry us, adrenaline pulsing silver through our veins. It knocked the breath out of me as I hit them, both hands on the handle. I pulled on it, panting but it wouldn’t move. The growl grew louder.
“Is there a window open?” I asked frantically, but I doubted that would be the case.
“Over there,” Frank pointed to a dirty white and orange window frame, a black slit where the glass should have been.
“But it’s too high!” I shrieked,

Temprorary fanfic part 6

Missed the last part?

“G-Gerard?” My voice was faint at first. I drew my gun again. “Gerard! Come here!” I called, louder this time. I stepped to the edge of the shelf closest to me, as the other end was hidden behind the furnace. Pat – Pat – Pat came a noise above my head, Gerard’s footsteps.
“What’s wrong?” He asked when he reached me, semi-wide eyes with slight traces of concern on his face; otherwise as stone as a solid slate chalkboard.

Just walked a fucking hour

In the freezing wind & snow only to find that it's closing in half an hour due to weather. I fucking hate people. Just thought I should vent before my head explodes.