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did anyone notice?

That on both Franks new litho and the new tshirt (grey with skull wearing sunglasses) they both have a lightening bolt? Is this a sign?

does anyone else see irony?

Frank new pic is of a spider..... yet hes aracniphobic

Sweeney Todd

I love this movie. But it makes me cry. Wouldnt it be terrible to be taken to jail for most of your life, for no reason and then come home to find your true love committed "suicide" and that your daughter has been taken from you.
And in Johanna's case wouldn't it be a horrid fate to be locked away in a room with only your nightmares as company and then to be sent to a mental institution for dreaming..... what's your opinion


Okay i was thinking what would you name your children?
I want two boys and two girls
Boys- Blake Aaron, Crisstopher Adrian,

Girls- Avril Jane, Madeline Elena

odd coincidence

okay nal yesterday there is a twitter post from gerard that said look alive sunshine. The wierd part is yesterday before I saw it I wrote part of a poem called Look Alive Sunshine. No joke. It's kind of weird

Here's the part I wrote

"Look alive sunshine.
Someone might see you crying.
Dry your tears, sunshine,
I know inside your Dying.
Hey there sunshine
I want to see you shining"

i love the way he lies...

Actually I don't. I hate it the whole "we can ago be friends" things is getting old. I want a guy who likes me and doesnt use me as last resort. A guy I don't wanna "tie to a bed and set the house on fire" I need some support here. I just have so much to offer but its like I'm screaming " hey I'm here" but no one notices and no one cares. My boyfriend Josh just dumped me for no reason and I really wanted to have a bf for the first dance. I kno I sound concieted but I just want to be noticed.


I have no classes with my best friends. And I'm stuck with chavs and I don't even get lunch with ky friends and on top of that I want Gerard or Frank or Ray or Mikey... heck id even settle for Jeff to say at least "hi" coz its like they dont even care anymore.

are we down with that idea?

The cadet and Cadette thing? As a whole we r still MCRMY soldiers but individually guys should be cadets and girls should be Cadettes. What do u think?

a question

What are we i know we are members of the MCRmy but what are we called? I think giys should be Cadets and girls should be Cadettes. Tell me your opinion

last two days of summer

Skewl starts Tuesday and I have the teacher from he