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KillJoy name?

I really like the name DJ DropDead but it sounds a lot like Dr.deathdefy so Idk..... what do yo think my killjoy name should be.?

battery city times

add this page Add this page on face book! Just search for the battery city times


I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR NA Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) even my freaking Anti-MCR mother is singing it! holy Shit guys lets blow the world apart!!!!

do u have to be a certain age to go to an mCr concert?

Can someone answer this question puhlease

Never Coming Home: A thirty word Found poem based on The Ghost of You

I wrote this at school using the lyrics to The Ghost of You. My teacher actually chose the song for us to write about and had no clue I was an MCR fan

Lie, wait forever
Dead together
All Alone
My Arms
She Dies
Last thing I see
Top of my lubgs
Smiles Haunt
Wounds Scar
Ending World
You're Never Coming Home

Mcr song with the most poetic lyrics

What song has the most poetic lyrics? Please help this is for skool.

an out of body experience

Do you ever get the feeling that your not actually your yourself? Like your looking at your life from in omniscent eye? I constantly get this feeling. Its like im dead but still alive? It's an odd occurance. i was wondering if this was just my on mind playing tricks.... I also get this feeling when I ask myself why im here and why im alive. I kinda phiosophize occasionally.

This is....

This is my adorable little Uglydoll. He really isnt "Ugly" he is sooooo cute! I need a name for him!!!!!

my uglidoll needs an identity.....

Cue from sockmonkey girl. I have an uglidoll, a black bat, that needs naming. Not Ted, Henry, or Jack. Thanks an oodle!


Half the hot guys are gay and i need a bf soon! Gagging undo desperate