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My Warped Tour Sign

The gospel according to Felicia-Sermon #1

Sermon #1
As I fell asleep last night I went over what I had done yesterday. i realized I had done a whole lot of nothing. i had woken up put on my Paris Blues skinny jeans, My Hot Topic T-shirt, pulled on my Chuck Taylors cuz it makes meh feel all cool and rebelious in a total rockstar kind of way. i booted up my Dell Laptop, logged on to my My Chemical Romance account, listened to that cd I payed 16 bucks for, then I turned on the TV and watched commercials until 1000 ways to die came on. Now as I recall what I did I understand that everything I did revolved around stuff.

The Anti-Clique

Based on the Ideas of
Felicia Thornsbury and Katie French
Written by Felicia Thornsbury

Chapter One: RHMS
"The first day of school can normally be described by kids as "The Start of the End". Common phrases heard on the opening day are "Wake me up when the semester ends." but Avril Parker isn't your average girl, she is the punk-fashionista at Rock Heights Middle School.


Hey Meghan!




Right now I am sitting at school in total darkness wishing something would happen but alas nothing does. It is as if I have disappeared from the face of the Earth. All my lucky friends are sitting at home right now probably doing something like watching TV but no not meh I am stuck at school when school is on break! I am apparently not one of the best of us because I cannot seem to find happiness in misery.


I hate it when people ignore meh. Its as if I dont exist. I mean am I invisable?


High School Massacre. PLEASE READ

Okay this story is just a rough draft at this moment.

I stepped out of the house in a dream like state. I crouched low in the bushes beside his house. Then I heard it. Footsteps. My eyes shot open. I smelled the cool night air. I smelled something sweet. It was tantalizing, like a warm mug of hot chocolate on a freezing winter night. I couldn't control my self. It's like that sometimes, sometimes you must follow your instincts.


I flicked on the television in the morning and changed it to the news and heard the

Rant 2- Parents

Parents. Don't you hate them? They are constantly yelling at you for tiny mistakes and they wont let you express yourself. At least thats how my parents are. They tell meh constantly that I wear to much black. Its like its a sin to wear that color. They tell meh who I should date(mostly basketball player boys) and who I shouldnt( mostly gorgeous dyed black haired boys) I don't think its fair to meh that they get to rule life. I am independent and I want to make my own mistakes. I wish things were different between us because if I actually had some freedom we would probably get along fine.

New Rant.

I hate, no, despise posuers. You kno the people who follow ridiculous stereotypes and act just like all the other emos out there. Kids at my skewl are total posuers and it sux. THey think automatically by wearing black clothing they are emo. NO THEY ARENT