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Me singing I'm not Okay with my niece and a friend

yes it sucks cuz we were drunk on caffene when we did this so vocals are a tad off. WATCH IT NOW! PLEEZ COMMENT

The gospel according to Felicia-Sermon #1 edited repost

Sermon #1
As I fell asleep last night I went over what I had done yesterday. i realized I had done a whole lot of nothing. i had woken up put on my Paris Blues skinny jeans, My Hot Topic T-shirt, pulled on my Chuck Taylors cuz it makes meh feel all cool and rebelious in a total rockstar kind of way. i booted up my Dell Laptop, logged on to my My Chemical Romance account, listened to that cd I payed 16 bucks for, then I turned on the TV and watched commercials until 1000 ways to die came on. Now as I recall what I did I understand that everything I did revolved around stuff.


I AM SO GLAD YOU ALL CARE ABOUT MEH ENUFF TO COMMENT AND INTERACT WTH MEH. I seriosly think I could die rite ow and you all would't care. Thanks for giving meh the time of my life.................................. GAWD I HATE THIS

Help with my site.

If anyone is bored. Would they please help me with my website? I need news to post and suff like that etc. If you are interested please send me a message.... NOW


go to or I will slit ur throat and use ur blood as syrup on my pancakes!

My MCR site

please visit and become a member

CSI: Crime Scene investigation

okay I am in love with CSI and the best episode is the one where they have to go to the jail for the criminally insane. When they go they interview a guy named Ronald Foster here is there conversation

Grissom: Do you know who did this?
Ronald: Yes
Grissom: Is he in this room?
Ronald: Yes
Grissom: Is his name Ronnie?
Ronald: No.. my name is Ronald
Grissom: Then who was it?
Ronald: It's a cricket in my ear.

HA! the funniest part is that i know a kid named Ronald Foster.

Has anyone noticed that Sarah's name is Sarah Sidle say it really fast and it sounds like suicidal.

Hannah bond- Emo controversy

The 'emo scene', specifically My Chemical Romance, was criticised by the coroner at the inquest into the death by hanging of a girl from Maidstone, Kent in the United Kingdom named Hannah Bond.

Why a poem by Me

Why is it that when I am upset or sad no one seems to care
but when a prep does it seems like their is always someone there
even if I say something no one hears me scream
why is my life a nightmare when others lives are a dream
I cannot help to wonder, is there something wrong with me
that makes me unnoticable and so hard to see
i think I might go crazy and possibly lose my mind
if I hear her say those words " I am going to commit suicide"
Why does That stupid preppy girl always get the attention
even though she fakes her troubles, but did I need to mention?
Why am I so invisable people like


OMG! Perry the platypus is being relocated! I am gonna cry