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What Do you do.....

When the guy your in love with says "I Love You" before he hangs up on you? My crush has been doing this to meh and HE STILL WON'T ASK MEH OUT!!!! GAH! what do I do?
I need suggestions


Someone I know has been sending "pictures" of themselves to someone. Does this make them a slut?


okay there is the kid in my class named Chris Wlls and he has the second coolest underwear in the world( the first coolest are Ronalds Christmas Spongebob ones) Hehas red plaid and white American Eagle. We are forced to look at them EVERY day because he leans back in his chair and he pulls his underwear up to far.

So Tell meh if you know someone with REALLY cool undewear so far the underwear standings are as follows

1. Ronald Foster- Spongebob
2. Chris Wills- Plaid/American Eagle

Blood_Sucker's Fan Club

This is a fan club on Facebook for Blood_Sucker. He is a member of m and he deserves a fan club. Add on facebook by clicking this link PLEASE JOIN

The Umbrella Academy

I really want to play Vanya as a child. If anyone knws how I can audition please conact meh

Me in my crush's shirt

This is meh in my crush, Ronald's, shirt

i hate...

i hate being single. I have been for months and it's making meh really sad. It's like no one loves meh.................

My New Picture

Its of me in my Black Parade jacket.... Looking very Mikey Way. ITS MY PROFILE PICTURE! Tell meh what you think

Music Quiz- READ and COMMENT

Waking Up:
Interlude by My Chemical Romance

First Day At School:
Another brick in the wall- Pink Floyd

Falling in love
Music Again by Adam Lambert

Battle Cry:
Horseshoes and Handgrenades by Green Day

Famous Last Words by My Chemical romance

When A guy Breaks Up with me:
Rainbows N Stuff by Insane Clown Posse

When I break up with a guy:
I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance

Desoltion Row by My Chemical Romance

Show-Off Song-
For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert

It's Not a Fashion Statement it's a deathwish by My Chemical Romance

What Is a Juggalo by Insane

Music help

Hey everybody. I just installed Limewire and I was wondering if you all had any suggestions for songs to download. i have all of the MCR songs. PLEASE GIVE MEH SOME SUGGESTIONS