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Love me...? Anyone..? No..? Okay....


I feel so alone... everything is so... wrong...

I feel like i'll never truly be loved... for who I am...

I guess this post will get lost amoungst all the others but I sort of find myself grasping onto the thinnest strand of hope that someone special will see this... But I know i'm a fool.

Sorry to bother you...

Please Get Me Out Of Here!!!

Okay, I go to high school right? But I board in town which means I no longer live under my parents roof.. But the people I board with are f*cking insane!!!

These people have their almost two year old grandson staying here (four old people, one baby and me in a tiny house) and this crazy bitch left him on a chair by himself.. I come in and BANG! This kid goes head first onto the rock hard ground.

Next; the dickhead husband of the crazy bitch blames me for litterally EVERYTHING! The power went out, it's Lynzei's fault. Teachers only day, Lynzei's fault.