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yesterday i got called goth because of how i do my hair and make up and today i got called a freak for wearing an MCR t shirt. idk how people are stupid enough to judge me because of what i wear and what i listen to. i hate getting teased and bullied. my closest friends dont even notice. i just stay quiet its better that way.


happy anniversary Black Parade! the band that saved my life. c:


just found out my best friend is moving far away. great, another bad thing im going to have to deal with in my life. i just feel like crying all day. :c im going to miss her so much..

MCR saved my life.

MCR is so inspirational. They have taught me that it is okay to be different and i appraciate that so much. I camnot wait until the day i actually meet them and get to thank them for everything they've done since the begining. They are my role models and without them i wouldnt be here. I will never stop supporting them they have seriously made a huge change in my life. MCR saved my life. <3


i need someone to talk to xc

hellllo. c:

so, i just signed up after visiting this site for a few weeks now. c: so yeah add me and whatever. ajfdkdsfisoc <3