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My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 2

I sat in the back seat again between Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul. I clutching my gun so tightly that I thought my hand might slide and fire it off. I try stay calm but I just can't knowing that Rose Bomb is in danger. Fun Ghoul must of seen the nervousness from my face because he said,
"Don't worry Peach-Blossom. We'll find your sister".
My sister Rose Bomb was 14, four years younger than me. Her real name was Annabelle and mine was Alexandra. When I saw her last, it was a week ago. She had bleached blonde hair and baby blue eyes. My hair was jet-black and chopped messy to my chin. I remembered each styling other's hair like that two weeks before we ran away from home to join the killjoys. We both never regretted our decision but we would have been better off not making it.
We arrived at BL/ind secret headquarters. I hopped out of the back of the car and the five of us ran to the back entrance. We ran inside as fast as possible trying to find my sister.

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homework my way

i had to do a book recommendation for hw so decided to make it for the umbrella academy. its funny how i can trick my teachers into making hw fun.

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My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 1

My heart was racing. I frantically looked through the desert for the killjoys. I haven't seen a single one of them for miles since they told me to run. I looked behind me and saw dirt flying through the air and then I saw their car speeding up towards me.
"Atomic Peach-Blossom, hop in quick! Korse is after us!" Party Poison yelled from behind steering wheel. As I climbed in the backseat between Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul, Party Poison started driving at full speed again.
He drove the car into a ditch and jumped out. They ran the shed that we used for hide outs. Kobra Kid grabbed a brief case filled with ray guns. He took five out and handed me a purple one.
"Keep these close, they might be back." Kobra Kid said. He sat down on the table to inspect an injury had just gotten on his arm. His sleeve was torn a bit but he didn't care. Blood poured down to his elbow and wrapped his arm in his bandanna.
"Nothing bad. It's just from a drac. How 'bout you Gerar--"