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My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 2

I sat in the back seat again between Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul. I clutching my gun so tightly that I thought my hand might slide and fire it off. I try stay calm but I just can't knowing that Rose Bomb is in danger. Fun Ghoul must of seen the nervousness from my face because he said,
"Don't worry Peach-Blossom. We'll find your sister".
My sister Rose Bomb was 14, four years younger than me. Her real name was Annabelle and mine was Alexandra. When I saw her last, it was a week ago. She had bleached blonde hair and baby blue eyes. My hair was jet-black and chopped messy to my chin.

homework my way

i had to do a book recommendation for hw so decided to make it for the umbrella academy. its funny how i can trick my teachers into making hw fun.

My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 1

My heart was racing. I frantically looked through the desert for the killjoys. I haven't seen a single one of them for miles since they told me to run. I looked behind me and saw dirt flying through the air and then I saw their car speeding up towards me.
"Atomic Peach-Blossom, hop in quick! Korse is after us!" Party Poison yelled from behind steering wheel. As I climbed in the backseat between Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul, Party Poison started driving at full speed again.
He drove the car into a ditch and jumped out. They ran the shed that we used for hide outs.