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i stole this cuz i felt like it so deal with it

1. Height: 5 ft.

2. Virgin? Yes…

3. Shoe size: 6

4. Sexual Orientation: straight

5. Do you smoke? no

6. Do you drink? Yes…water

7. Do you take drugs? Nope

8. Age you get mistaken for: 8

9. Tattoos? No im afraid of needles

10. Piercings? No read above

11. Best friend? annelise

12. Relationship status: Single

13. Favorite movies: it will b the Umbrella Academy…when it comes out!

14. Someone you miss: my old friend

15. Most traumatic experience: hmm... cut my hand on loose screw on desk in 3rd grade. I fainted

16. A fact about your personality: umm I dunno

17. What I want to be when I get

30 days of MCR: day 9

something i love about mikey- he came up with the name My Chemical Romance!!!!!!!!!!

haha be careful of what you say...

my sister promised me that she would have one day for us to do whatever i want. so i decided that when MCR has their new album out we would go to concert. she also hates MCR. i guess this what you get for hating them. haha be careful of what you say...

30 days of MCR: day 8

something that i love about frank- hes really funny


Some of you may have read my fan fic, My Life With The Killjoys. Well I'm considering ending cuz' I ran out of ideas. But if anyone has any ideas for me can you plz message them to me??? If you do, promise to thank you.

30 days of MCR: day 7

something i love about gerard way- his voice & art

30 days of MCR: day 6

favorite song from danger days- not sure either planetary(go!) or destroya

i was just wondering....

How long have most people been MCR fans? I've been one for 8 years now.

30 Days of MCR, day 5

favorite song from The Black Parade: This is How I Dissapear

30 days of MCR: day 4

favorite song from three cheers for sweet revenge: Thank You For The Venom