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Cherry and Lily are big sisters now!yay


congratulations to frank and jamia iero

this is odd

i was watching phineas & ferb and they said "hey Doctor D":O


I'm excited because some dude might be making my fan fic characters into a story. who knows it could be a tv show, movie, or comic book.

My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 5

"Great job, Party Poison. Now LynZ is gone and we may never see her again. Do you even care?!" Rose Bomb yelled. (Did I mention she has a temper?)
"I do care!" he roared back at her. Somehow, Bandit stayed asleep through all of this. The atmosphere of the room was calm for the next few minutes until Party Poison broke the silence by saying, "We're going to find LynZ. C'mon Killjoys, pack your weapons and in the van. Now!"
I grabbed my purple ray gun and ninja sword. Rose Bomb got her gold ray gun and dagger. We climbed into the van and Rose Bomb, Bandit, Jet Star, and I sat in the back row.


what's up with all of these spammers coming out of nowhere?

my fan fic

All right so i'm writing this fan fic and I need some new characters. So if you want your killjoy in my story, just tell me your killjoy name and whatever about them plz.


So I'm really bored. I was wondering if for the next killjoy picture I draw, I would add bunch of you guy's killjoy names. So if you guys want write in the comments the name of your killjoy.


the zipper pull on my Demolition Lovers hoodie broke in the wash. now the i can't zipper it and the demolition lovers can't be together anymore:(


my mom is being so annoying by singing early sunsets over monroeville loud, out of key, and the wrong lyrics. most of you can probably guess how annoying it is.