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the end

I don't want to live anymore. it feels like everyone wants me gone. im always so upset and stressed and nobody cares. my dad basically told me he hates me. most of my friends dropped me. im too depressed that nobody wants to be near me but they don't what i've been through all my life. i started self-harming yesterday. the first time i tried to commit suicide, i was 5. then when i was 10, 12, 13. now i think i will.

My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 5

"Great job, Party Poison. Now LynZ is gone and we may never see her again. Do you even care?!" Rose Bomb yelled. (Did I mention she has a temper?)
"I do care!" he roared back at her. Somehow, Bandit stayed asleep through all of this. The atmosphere of the room was calm for the next few minutes until Party Poison broke the silence by saying, "We're going to find LynZ. C'mon Killjoys, pack your weapons and in the van. Now!"
I grabbed my purple ray gun and ninja sword. Rose Bomb got her gold ray gun and dagger. We climbed into the van and Rose Bomb, Bandit, Jet Star, and I sat in the back row.

My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 4

"You know what, I'm kinda tired. Let me tell you when I can actually stay awake" LynZ continued. She laid down on the raggedy moth-eaten mattress on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. She fell quickly to sleep.
I sat on the top bunk hugging my knees. Ideas ran through my mind of what LynZ had to tell us, but I couldn't think of anything. Suddenly Party Poison walked to the center of the room.
"Alright, killjoys we gotta get going. Korse won't be hiding forever." He said quietly enough so LynZ wouldn't wake up. I couldn't believe it. Party Poison was going to abandon LynZ and Bandit!

My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 3

Korse was asleep. His dream was about his family that he hadn't seen for 13 years. He didn't remember if they had died or went missing. All he remembered was his 2 daughters and wife. Then he suddenly woke up and walked over to the phone and called his head draculoid. They meet in a secret room.
"I have a very important task for you." Korse took a torn photo out of his pocket and handed it to him. "I need you to find these people for me."

"Who are they? Why is this even important to you? Do you want them destroyed?" he asked.

"No! I do not want them destroyed.

My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 2

I sat in the back seat again between Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul. I clutching my gun so tightly that I thought my hand might slide and fire it off. I try stay calm but I just can't knowing that Rose Bomb is in danger. Fun Ghoul must of seen the nervousness from my face because he said,
"Don't worry Peach-Blossom. We'll find your sister".
My sister Rose Bomb was 14, four years younger than me. Her real name was Annabelle and mine was Alexandra. When I saw her last, it was a week ago. She had bleached blonde hair and baby blue eyes. My hair was jet-black and chopped messy to my chin.

My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 1

My heart was racing. I frantically looked through the desert for the killjoys. I haven't seen a single one of them for miles since they told me to run. I looked behind me and saw dirt flying through the air and then I saw their car speeding up towards me.
"Atomic Peach-Blossom, hop in quick! Korse is after us!" Party Poison yelled from behind steering wheel. As I climbed in the backseat between Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul, Party Poison started driving at full speed again.
He drove the car into a ditch and jumped out. They ran the shed that we used for hide outs.

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What an odd trip to the bookstore.

I went to barnes and noble, looking at cds. Out of nowhere this dude starts screaming that people were cutting in line and then the cashier dude starts yelling too. Odd, huh?