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who's going? I might be there.


who's going? I might be there.


day three: 'you can not destroy me' on my arm

May 2nd: Na Na Na

Day 2 to stand up for MCR against the daily mail: Na Na Na. Photo credits- annelise

May 1st: MCRmy

So everyday this month I will be writing something MCR related on my hands or arms. On the last day (the 31st) I will write something special on my arms. This is how I will be standing up for MCR after what happened almost 4 years ago with the daily mail.


Music I Like:
-My Chemical Romance(duh)
-Green Day
-Smash Mystery
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-Flogging Molly
-Papa Roach
-Florence and The Machine
-Black Veil Brides
-Kings of Leon
-Hey You!
-Fall Out Boy
-The Offspring
-The Fearless Vampire Killers
-The All-American Rejects
-Sick Puppies
-Grace Jeanette
-Sex Pistols
-Raygun Jones
-Better Left Alone
-Rise Against
-Bob Marley
-The Doors
-The Ohio Sky
-Avril Lavigne
-The Misfits
-Advenged Sevenfold
-Care Bears on Fire
-Sara Bareilles
-Sixx: A.M.
-30 Seconds

15 Things I Am Scared To Tell People

1.I'm afraid to tell my friend that my brother was arrested for trying to shipping marijuana.
2.I'm afraid to tell my mom that someone touched me last year.
3.I'm afraid to tell a boy at school that I like him.
4.I'm afraid to tell my mom that I've had thoughts of suicide since age of 5.
5.I'm afraid to tell people that I have feelings and I do get hurt by what say to me.
6.I'm afraid to tell people I don't like being alone.
7.I'm afraid to tell my dad that I'm afraid of him.
8.I'm afraid to tell my sister that I feel like she abandoned me.
9.I'm afraid to tell people that I love them.

my fan fic

i ran out of ideas and nobody really seemed to like it so i'm not going to write anymore.

i got a little freaked out

cuz when i was leaving Hawaii a few days ago a guy from the resort was bringing our luggage to a taxi for me & my mom. he looked like someone famous but i couldn't think of who. then i realized he looked just like Jimmy Urine for MSI. It (sadly) wasn't him though. this guy had a shaved/bald head though. it even sounded like his voice. but if Jimmy Urine was about years older, had no hair, and worked in a hotel in Hawaii carrying luggage, he would so be like this guy!

don't worry

i am a lot better now