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xxMCRxx4ever99's blog

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i know it's been a really long time since i've posted a blog, but i need advice. last month a from my school gave me a note saying that she was really shy but she wanted to be friends. her and her friends are really into the punk scene like i am which is really rare at my school. the only problem is i'm too shy tell them i want to be friends too. i don't know what to do. i need some advice. please?


Are there any killjoys from wyckoff, nj?

fan fic

i stopped writing my fan fic "my life with the killjoys" for now. i'm going to write a new one called "returning to belleville"


That is all


Are there any killjoys from the Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, or Oakland,New Jersey area?


Are there any killjoys in NJ? Just wondering.

can you guyz help me with my homework?

In math class i have to do a survey on favorite genres of music. Please tell me your favorite in the comments so I don't fail school and go to prison or whatever.

Happy B-Day

Happy third birthday, Bandit Lee Way! Your parents are awesome.

'My Chemical Romance is the Best Band Ever'

My sister told me she can't take me to Bamboozle because she is visiting her friend that day. So much for sister bonding time. Now I don't have anyone to take me there! Urrghh I hate being to young to drive.