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Well last night was prob the worse night of my life ... i know this is going to sound stupid to alot of people but. I had the worse dream every , I woke screaming for the first time in my like and after i let it set in for 5min then i never felt so scared in my life .... I'm not an easy person to scare either it takes ALOT to scare me. But i was so scared like i almost died ... And the most part that bothers me so much is I cant
remember anything .....

Music and what not lol...

Dose anyone know when MCR'S new album is coming out or are they still in prosses of writing it ... i can tell why it takes sooo long to write an album i just got looking over all my songs that iv wrote and im still looking at them i still have to edit them and rewrite them so now i can tell why it takes so long and plus i just wrote those a year ago and i dont even think i have a full album yet lol . But im still not sure ....I still have to write some more i mean i know im not in a band or anything its just nice to write new things sometimes i guess . Im in school right and just got done


well i know this is just going to sound the same as always .... and you'll prob just think im some loser but ever since me and my ex brokeup .... iv felt nothing but ... Broken ....i just feel like theres no hope just sorrow ... and i miss him so much but i dont know if he misses me ... i dout it but he never wanted to brake up with me he just had to not by choise thou .... but he told me not to call him or email him :/ ..... even thou i talk to his sister but i dont talk to her about it becuz she dosent even know we were together so ya .... i havent been eating iv hurt my self .. even thou i

POEM : cancer

The poor child as death calls her name as she drops the rose on her own grave . It starts to rain as she fell asleep forever again ......

- MCR4LIFE - <3

Poem: house of wolfs ....

The sky opends and the moon light shines through the clouds , all i see is yellow eyes and sharp teeth with blood stains . A corpes of a woman hangs on the tree he runs like a slave in the night . Feeding and tasting their rage of decent and grim winds flows with the sent of blood and greed . And the wolf howls in the air and hunt will still remain .... from the house of wolfs ...



Mine was awesome and i hope everyone els had a good one as well ... AND I WAS SHOCKED BY HIS HAIR OMFG ITS BLACK AGAIN :O !!!! 34 AND ID STILL FUCK HIM :D ....... just saying ...anyway lol ... akward.....ummmmm What was everyone for GERARDOWEEN or IEROWEEN...whatever -.- ?????? TELLL ME NOWWW!!!!!!

me i was dead :D ....... again -.- and coverd in BLOOD >;3 !!!!! and killing cheerleaderz :D !!!!

Halloween -^.^-

Im so bored and im at school i wish i was listening to mcr lol .... we read this really boring book today it kinda sucked anyway , Halloween is comeing up and im being a eveil princess i think im going to be like a mix of helena or a vampire im not sure right now so can anyone give me some make up tips or wich outfit i should choose .... and tell me what you guyz are going to be for halloween :)

MCR 4 LIFE !!!!

in like right now ! its 3:17 :D lol

im at school im suprised the school network let me on here lol well i gtg i love you guyz MCR4LIFE!!!!

in like right now ! its 3:17 :D lol

im at school im suprised the school network let me on here lol well i gtg i love you guyz MCR4LIFE!!!!

So not ready for school ... -.-

im so not ready to go back to school but im just going to have to get over it i guess.... It just going to be anther year of getting made fun of ..... but i think ill be ok as long as i have my art class and my mp3 player listening to MCR while im drawing and think of my heros my chemical romance ill be just fine ... :)

MCR 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!

P.S. Dont let anyone give you shit ! - Gerard way