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Sleepover ideas?

hey guys, I am planning this sleepover, and I am not entirely sure what kind of stuff to do. Any advice?

party games for 13/14 year olds

Hey guys, I am having a party and I am not exactly sure what to do as far as games/entertainment is concerned. Any ideas???


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Thank you so much for always being here for me when my offline friends aren't.



Only back at school for two days and I really want to crawl into a hole and never come out. It sucks, everyone always stares at me because of the way I look, and the teachers all think I needd counselling just because of what I write about and draw. What shall I do?

oh sh1t!

sorry I haven't posted in ages, just moved house. I'm going back to school in like 5 days and i'm really nervous, it is really awkward between me and this guy because it all started last year when we both kinda had a crush on each other and it was all great, now this year, I told this other guy who is like a friend that I still had feelings for that guy. He told that other guy and the other guy really doesn't like me but for some reason I still like him. what shall I do?

Damn April Fools day

Annoying friend decided it would be funny to chop like half my hair off as an april fools prank. <_>

Damn April Fools day

Annoying friend decided it would be funny to chop like half my hair off as an april fools prank. <_>

Cant believe that one person could mean this much to me

This one boy I really liked for about a year, I was convinced he liked me, he was always so nice to me. Then I found out what he really thought of me through a really good friend.

Now I can't now I can't look at either of my guitars, look at boys with blonde hair, hear any name that has 'Ben' it, listen to Maroon 5 or the plain white t's and I cant look at myself in the mirror.

I just don't know what to do now.