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So, whats next ?

Its 7:40pm, and I cant believe the news. MCR is finally taking a split. I'm not exactly sure how to react considering, I don't think its fully kicked in. Maybe I should start with the thank you's.

-for saving me
-for understanding me
-for making great music
-for being real
-for believing in me
-for giving me hope
-for giving me inspiration
-for giving me a reason

I really dont know what to do. But, my best wishes go out to the Band, Im sure they have their reasons, and those I respect. For the rest of the MCR family, lets stick together.

Just a little Inspiration.

Just thought I'd share this because most of us have been here at one point or another, some may still be battling. Either way (haha see what I did there :P ) I thought this pic would give you some inspiration.

I love you guys and as always, I'm here if you need me.

**Killjoys stay strong**


Killjoys arent stalkers....

or are they? O__o

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Just for a minute

So I would GREATLY apprieciate if my fellow MCR fans took a minute to check out my video (Im playing my guitar) it would mean the WORLD to me....

Just for a minute

So I would GREATLY apprieciate if my fellow MCR fans took a minute to check out my video (Im playing my guitar) it would mean the WORLD to me....

Favorite Artist of Each Decade

so whats for favorite artist of each decade?

Ladys and Gentlement

Alright so, I kinda had this really random Idea. Since its almost Halloween, why not dress up as one of the members of MCR? To me, itd be a pretty cool idea since, obviously, we're all fans of MCR we could use this as a way to show our appreciation the the band that has saved our lives. Anywho, if you have any comments on it, please do. And if you do dress up as a MCR member, upload a pic and share it to me.

**add me :)

"cause we are all a bunch of animals that never paid attention in school"

1)What's your favorite song from the Danger Days Album?
2) What about from Black Parade?
3) Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge?
Im Not Okay
4) I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love?
Demolition Lovers
5) Someone just shouted, "My Chemical Romance is emo!" What do you do?
give them a "101 Reason Why MCR is BEAST" lecture
6) What's your favorite B-Side?
Kill All Your Friends
7) Have you ever thought about running away from home?

8) Why have/haven't you?
lot of reasons
9) What's your nickname?
10) Favorite food?

*i am sitting in school doing

MCR && Drummers.

Has anyone else notice theyre problem with drummers? Mcr started out originally with Gerard, Mickey, Frank, Ray, and Matt Pelissier. During theyre Black Parade album they had a new drummer, Bob Byar, which left after all the touring and beging of Danger Days. Now as if recent news theyre newest drummer Michael Pedicone has been kicked out on alleged theft. Now is it me, or does MCR have the worst luck with drummers?

MCR Concert.

im in atlanta and MCR is coming to Lakewood Amphitheater and I wanna go SOO BAD but my dad wont let me get the tickets D: has anyone been to any of them? how is it?