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Xxkilljoy25147xX's blog

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Merry Christmas!!!

Hey killjoys just wanted to say Merry Christmas!Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday:)


Hi guys just wanted to say happy thanksgiving to everyone;)

My drawing

Well i got bored so i drew this.Hope you like it;)

You just gotta love MCR

Well i just did my homework while listening to MCR for two hours.Somehow i was able to concentrate better while listening to them^_^ te he:) now i just feel happy.MCR forever!

Possibly Twins

Ok so my friend is really into this guy.But theres something odd.She came to me freaking out today screaming "theres two of him!"She also told me she sees him in the morning and his hair is really choppy and kinda messy.Then she sees him again in the afternoon and his hair is neat.We think he probably has a twin.So theres the problem,she likes him but pretty much has no idea who he is.Anyone have any suggestions?

my first day

Well today was my first day of high school.It was sort of a good and bad day.My classes were all really interesting and Im super excited to get more into them since today we only did intros.I met soo many new people,and it would have been a really great day until I found out something shocking.I found out that one of my bffs kissed my boyfriend when she seen him walking down the hall.I can't belive it !Sigh :( any advice killjoys?I'm feeling really hurt.

total fail

Well I went to my high school orientation and made a total fool of myself.I tripped like three times.Once on a wire,then on a ramp, and on a stump and nearly fell into this big hole in the ground.I can tell this is going to be a fun year. -_-

high school

I'm so nervous!This wednesday is my first day of high school.I'm a little disapointed that I won't have any classes with people I know.