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Killjoy name ideas

Hey guys,so somethings been bothering me. I don't have a killjoy name, I just can't think of anything:( any ideas?

Fireworks and rambling

Hi everybody! Well I just got back from an awesome 3rd of July firework show and enjoyed some frozen lemonade:D so yay I get another firework show tomorrow, anyway I was just watching rugrats. I know it's a little kid show but I still like it. Ok I'm rambling now and it's 10:50 pm where I'm at so I guess I will go to sleep now. Goodnight!:)

Can't do this again

I'm so annoyed. My stupid stomach pains have returned so now I can't even get off the couch. My doctors still haven't given me a diagnosis, they say it's all in my head. Idk what to do anymore, I won't be getting any sleep for a while.


Hey everybody, good morning. I woke up really early today like at 6. I guess it's because of the random dream I had, which was about rabid birds and my bf tearing apart

i will always love mcr

I just found out MCR ended.I'm still feeling sad but they left us with wonderful albums that inspire us and help us smile again when we are down:) Oh and i thought I would post an MCR inspired drawing that I did.Hope you like :)

So confused:'(

My mom and dad had a huge fight.I mean it was terrible.lets just say machetes and pepper spray were involved(no one got seriously hurt so don't worry)but now I'm so confused because they are both trying to get me on their side.I just don't know what to do cause they both treat me so well and I couldn't bear to lose either one of them.

maybe i'm just paranoid...

Well something has been on my mind lately.How do you know if a guy is using you?Idk maybe this is stupid and I am way too paranoid,or I pay too much attention to the wrong people. I'm just really afraid of being used.

Happy day after christmas!:D

Hope everyone had a great christmas yesterday:)I think this was the best christmas i've ever had.My family is soo amazing;they got me all this cool MCR stuff!:D

a pretty good day

Friday was my last day of school :)I know this was alreadya while ago,but went pretty well,I met someone else who loves MCR,and in english we had an assignment where we had to write down the lyrics of our favorite song.So of course i wrote down the lyrics to Helena:)Totally random now i put red streks in my hair^_^

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey killjoys just wanted to say Merry Christmas!Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday:)