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Hello everyone!
I haven't been here in FOREVER. So I decided to come on here more often. Well today I'm really nervous because I have an art reception to go to and I think I have to present in front of everyone o.o aaahh!! In random and unrelated news me and my friends created the longest Congo line ever and paraded around school.Hahaha we had so many haters X) but we didn't care cause we were having fun. :) see ya later - Death Ray

slow day

I'm pretty bored today *yawns and falls asleep again

slow day

I'm pretty bored today *yawns and falls asleep again

Hello again

It's been such a long time since I've last been on here. Four months...I think, anyways I know I'm kinda late but how was everyones Christmas? Since I haven't been here i'm going to start posting everyday again.That's all I have for now, have a nice day everybody :)
- death ray

Just stuff...

How is everyone? I haven't been on here for a while and I guess a lot has happened. My bf of 5 years had to break up with me because his family is making him do some religion thing. I'm back in school now and that's been going alright, I noticed I've been doing a better job at concentrating. In my Spanish class I met a guy who likes MCR and pretty much all the other music I like. So that's cool, I think I will be ok this year. Well have a nice day everyone:)


Good morning killjoys!:) it's about 5:30am where I'm at. I woke up at like three since I couldn't sleep. Anyways in a few hours my friend and I are going to our softmore orientation thing (sigh) which i'm not to excited about. Oh and lately I've been working on my own stop motion which should be done in the next few days:D Soon i will put it on YouTube. Well that's about it. Have a nice day everyone!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Ray Toro:)

Freaking out

Ok so the last several nights I couldn't sleep cuz there's something weird going on. My dogs bark all night now, and they only bark when someone is there. And the other night I was in the bathroom washing my face when I heard tapping on the window, like someone was actually tapping with there finger! On that side of my house there aren't any trees or whatever so I know it's not branches. Last night at exactly 12:22 am someone called me and said nothing so I just hung up. So I don't know, maybe it's nothing but I'm still really scared.:(


Hey everybody! Well my computer has been down for a couple of days but it's back on track now. Anyways I kinda became hooked on the viva cute candy website. I think it's really cool cause I like colorful hair,it's like an obsession for me:D Oh and I came up with something special for the WWMMB project.

skeleton drawing