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XxJACKYxX's blog

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Please let this be a nightmare...

Today, i heard that MCR was splitting up. To tell you the truth, i don't want that to happen. They are the ones that saved my life countless times... i would be lost without them. They were there for me when my parents split up. When i thought my world was crumbling beneath my feet. I wish that they're joking, or that this is a night mare and that i'm gonna wake up soon. These people are my heroes, and i don't want them to leave just yet. I never got to see them live. That was the only thing that I've ever wanted this badly. It's hard to let them go... i know that i won't any time soon.


I'm new here. I wouldn't really consider this a blog but i might post some later.
Well anyways, KEEP ROCKING ON KILLJOYS!!!! :)