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xxgraveyardbashxx's blog

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Hey woorrrld. Help me out here?

So we all know bout the big news n stuff, but the other day I saw a pic bout my chem and it said : don't cry cause its over. ( and on the bottom) smile because it happened.

So I was thinking, maaaaayyyyybe, for people to get idk some type of closure we'ld make a blog, a BIG blog, about how much mcr has done for us. Like a huge carry on card signed by the one and only MCRmy. I was hoping that if enough people wrote something it would get so huge that even the guys would notice.

So come on and show your love like hippi!!! XD

Hello world

So. I friggin finally decide to make a profile on here and then... Well we all know by know since the site has been erupting with little blogs saying how "they will live on forever"...

A devastating tragedy. Horrible. But I'm almost glad. That they decided it was time. Time to let it go. i haven't gotten all the details though, but still. I thought i had prepared myself for this. Of course, though, I haven't. Moving on will be difficult for the MCRmy. But I hope you all move on peacefully.

well, uh, hi world!

well so hey. i guess. anyways new to the site, but long time MCR lover. From Danger Days to those sweet 'Cheers for Revenge, i love 'em. just lookin for a buddy to tag along with as a killjoy or in the marching band, im guud. sooo yah. ~JUST SO YOU KNOW.. I DONT USUALLY REPLY THE SAME DAY... MAYBE IF IM LUCKY. I DONT GET TO GO ON THE INTERWEBS THAT OFTEN SOOO. EXCEPT EVERY WEEKDAY WHEN THE LIBRARIAN ISNT LOOKING IN CLASS... STUDENT AIDE. TIS AWESOME~ So, i shall leave you with that fellow MCRmy soldiers.. yah.ust wanted to post somethin b4 i didnt have the time.. derp