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Gerard Way

Idk If you follow Gerard's twitter, but he's not saying anything about this. But there many post saying that My Chemical Romance is coming out with a new album. False. That's Gerard's album and people are saying it's coming out next month. Gerard is going solo. The new album is a secret so it doesn't have much information. If you think those photo's are fake you can look up Gerard Way in to google. On the side there will be him, telling who he is and under the catergory albums there will be "My new life begins".


Ugh. I cried when I read what Gerard wrote on twitter. I really don't know how to feel. I never got the chance to go to one of their concerts. They're music kinda saved me. it really bummed me out all yesterday. but then yesterday night it really hit me. My sister was was being such a bitch so that kinda got me going. Then I put on im not okay and I just started balling. They're my favorite band. I don't know what to do.

Why can't they just do a free goodbye concert.
They grew up in New Jersey. They can do it there
This sucks....
I really want a goodbye concert.